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Ho, ho, ho, it's December, and you know what that means. Whether you call it Spacemas Cheer, Christmas Cheer, just Cheer, or some other name, it's time to spread celebrate the holidays!

What is Cheer?

Spacemas/Christmas Cheer is an abstract number representing the general holiday spirit of the crew (as opposed to just yourself or the entirety of humanity). It appears solely during when the server is in Spacemas/Christmas mode, that is, during December.

Rather than acting as some sort of morale mechanic or something that ties into the Motives system, Spacemas/Christmas Cheer primarily affects spawns for two holiday-exclusive roles. At high Spacemas/Christmas Cheer, Santa Claus arrives to bring heals, treats, and presents as a reward. At low Spacemas/Christmas Cheer, Krampus arrives to disrupt people and give them a bad time as punishment. Grinches also have a goal of ruining the holidays for everyone by keeping Spacemas/Christmas Cheer low.

Cheer Levels

Spacemas/Christmas Cheer starts at 60% and goes from 0 to 100. There are many ways to both increase and decrease this.

Raising Cheer

Action Cheer
Taking something out of a stocking. +2
Wrapping a present. +1
Unwrapping a present. +2
Getting hit with a snowball. +1
Feeding a space seal pup. +1
Cleaning up Grinch graffiti. +1
Eating a candy bar, candy cane, or any of the various kinds of cookies. +1
Consuming fruitcake. +10

Lowering Cheer

Action Cheer
Santa Claus dying. -60
Burning down the Spacemas Tree by using Vandalize on it as a Grinch. -33
Killing a space seal pup. -20
Killing a space bee. -5
Successfully releasing a headspider as a Changeling. -7
Creating graffiti on a wall by using Vandalize as a Grinch. -1
Destroying garland by using Vandalize as a Grinch. -1
Interacting with a booby-trapped stocking (meaning Grinch has used Vandalize to sabotage the stocking). -1
Eating/being force-fed cookies and candy bars poisoned by the Grinch. -2
Eating/being force-fed other food poisoned by the Grinch. -3
Deaths in the Afterlife Bar and as something not human (e.g. Werewolf, Animal, but not Vampire) don't count.

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