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| Forensics
| Forensics
| [[Detective's Office]]
| [[Detective's Office]]
| [[Detective#Equipment|Forensics/Detective's equipment]] lockers <br> [[Security Objects#Security Records|Security Records]]
| [[Detective#The Office|Forensics equipment locker]] <br> [[Security Objects#Security Records|Security Records]]

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Customs, in its typical HoP-free state
Customs, in its typical HoP-free state
Customs, in its typical HoP-free state
Customs, in its typical HoP-free state
Customs, in its typical HoP-free state
Customs, in its typical HoP-free state
The Customs equivalent, in its typical HoP-free state
Customs, in its typical HoP-free state

The Head of Personnel is in charge of administrative tasks on the station and is second in command to the Captain, unless there is an active Head of Security. The HoP's only real duties are ID Changes and making sure someone hasn't laundered the station's budget.

The HoP spawns in his office near customs and can (and typically will) upgrade their own ID to all-access. The combination of high access and low responsibility makes the HoP a good job for doing whatever the hell you want.

As they are the most publicly accessible Head of Staff, and their disappearance is easily missed, the Head of Personnel is a common first target for revolutionaries and other antagonists seeking an early advantage.

Know your HoP

You may encounter many styles of HoP in the wild. Knowing what they are capable of may be the key to your survival.

The ????

This HoP will vanish 3 minutes into the round, never to be seen again. Those who call out for ID changes and replacements will hear their words echo back to them in vain. Who is this man? Where does he go? Can any of us ever hope to understand him?

The SecHoP

This HoP will, after giving themselves their customary all-access ID, head on down to security and load up to fight crime. SecHoPs, as they are derogatorily referred, often have short lifespans, typically after they run into somewhere regular security officers can't access to back them up. SecHoPs are also generally renowned for being humorless authoritarians who will brig anyone for the slightest infraction. SecHoPs are loathed by everyone, except the traitor who will inevitably help himself to the gear and all-access ID from his bloody, toolboxed corpse.

The Firefighter

Runs around from every part of the station making sure things are actually running well. Gets the engine running when the engineers all fuck off, stuffs dying people into cryo when there are no medical doctors around, grows food when the botanists are busy huffing jenkem, etc., etc. What a weirdo! Generally a nuisance to antagonists who thrive on chaos.

The Anarchist

Tosses out all-access IDs to anyone who asks, and then prior to disappearing, leaves their own ID in the ID computer. Generally, most crewmembers will respond to an unfamiliar presence barging into their office with a gentle toolboxing. As fights escalate security will find it difficult to assist after all of their gear has been looted. The anarchist HoP hopefully will have fled the station before the Captain and security wise up and strap him to an electric chair.

The Gimmickist

Give everyone knightly titles and upload a law making the AI act like a feudal king. Run a russian roulette tournament, offering increasing ID upgrades for each pull of the trigger. Sponsor boxing matches with cash prizes. Buy a million phasers and arm the station to the teeth. As long as frustrated grayshirts aren't tearing the station apart out of boredom, you're doing your job well. The sky is the limit!

The Career Bureaucrat

Stands motionless at his desk in customs for the entire round. Generally, people who see a HoP at customs after 10 minutes into the round will assume he is braindead and never bother to ask for an ID change.

The Backup Captain

This guy is the Starscream to the Captain's Megatron. He will generally be doing ID work or wander aimlessly around until the Captain shows up dead or in the late stages of an alcohol induced coma. That's when this HoP promptly announces his own promotion to the rank of Captain and proceeds to work very hard at doing no work at all, just like a real Captain.

ID Changing

If you are standing by an ID computer, people will generally expect you to do ID modifications. Some of these requests will be simple upgrades or sidegrades to more interesting jobs. Some people will ask for additional access and may give a reason why, it's entirely your prerogative whether or not to grant it. Traitors will generally come up and ask for scientist access to better blow holes in the station, but if they can sling enough BS, who are you to say no?

The other thing you'll deal with is people wanting gimmick jobs or just saying "whatever you want to give me works." Now, while you could just slap any job onto the card and be done with it, this is a fantastic opportunity to get creative and make the round more interesting. For example, why not give one guy the ID "Ghost", and the next guy the ID "Ghost Hunter"? If they're good sports they'll be chasing each other around the station for the rest of the round screaming over the radio. Get creative with the access and jobs you hand out and people will remember you.

Access Levels

Access levels are pretty generally pretty simple. If you're a bit confused/unsure about what each level listed in the ID Computer entails, consult the table below:

Generally, these access levels allow entry into certain areas and the lockers and crates they're associated with. The items, computers, and machines within are generally not access-restricted, no matter how dangerous, unless otherwise specified.

Name Area(s) Accessible Lockers/Machinery Accessible Additional Notes
Morgue Morgue Both the one in Medbay and the one in the Chapel.
Maintenance Maintenance
Tool Storage (usually)
Usually allows you to go through the airlocks into the station as well.
Chaplain's Office Chaplain's Office Religious Supplies lockers. Religious Supplies in this case means snazzy outifts (and spare bibles and holy water vials)..
Technical Storage Tech Storage N/A
Bar Behind the Bar N/A The general bar area is open to everyone; it's the area behind the counter that needs this access level. Not the same as Kitchen access!
Janitorial Equipment Custodial Closet Custodial Supplies lockers
Crematorium N/A N/A Not the room containing it, but rather the switch that turns it on.
Kitchen Kitchen FoodTech vendors
Catering supplies lockers
Hydroponics Hydroponics Botanical Supplies lockers But not the Seed Fabricators or GardenVends--those are open-access!
External Airlock N/A N/A Supposed to allow you through most of the airlocks into the station. Rarely used these days, since those airlocks tend to use Maintenance access nowadays.
Construction Site N/A N/A Absolutely useless (for now).
Engineering Electrical Substation Engineer's Equipment lockers These are the rooms with the SMES Units for the Solar Arrays
Engineering Storage Engineering Storage N/A
Electrical Equipment N/A N/A Lets you unlock APCs and configure their settings.
Engine Room Engine Room, duh N/A Lets you into the room(s) that contain the engine itself, which is usually, depending on the map, either the room with the Thermo-Electrical Generator unit itself or the little containment area with gravitational generator.
Mechanical Lab Mechanics Workshop Mechanic's Equipment lockers
Engineering Gas Storage/Atmospherics Engineering Gas Storage
Mining Department Mining Department Miner's Equipment lockers
Mining Outpost Mining Outpost N/A
Mining Outpost Shuttle N/A N/A Basically unused. The Mining Shuttle itself and the computers that control it are public access.
Engine Control Room Engine Control Room,duh Emitters and Field Generators
Shield Generator (Clarion/Destiny)
Lets you into whatever the map has designated the engine's control room, which is usually where there is an Engineering Output Monitor Computer.
Hangar N/A N/A Unused. It was originally intended for the pod bay hangar doors, but the idea was canned.
Cargo Bay Cargo Bay Quartermaster's Console
Quartermaster's Equipment lockers
Also lets you unlock MULEBots (actually controlling them uses a PDA app though), and, more importantly, make announcements on the Quartermaster Announcement computer!
Medical Most of Medbay
NanoMed dispenser
Medical Records computer
Basically any part of Medbay that isn't Genetics or Robotics, but not most of the lockers and vendors within. Those need Medical Equipment access.
Toxins Research Plasma Research N/A Pipes and connecters and burn chambers and most of the canisters and such, but not the place where the plasma canisters are actually stored.
Toxins Storage Plasma Research Science uniform lockers
Chemical Storage lockers
For the restricted area where the canisters of plasma in Plasma Research are actually stored.
Med-Sci/Genetics Genetics N/A
Medical Equipment N/A Medkit storage lockers
Blood supply fridge
Pathology fridge
Medicine Storage lockers
Anesthetic lockers
Animal Control lockers
Medical uniform lockers
Basically any locker/vendor in Medbay that's not the restricted medicine locker (requires Medical Director Office access) or the NanoVend/Port-a-NanoMed (requires just Medical access).
Research Sector Research Wing corridors. N/A Lets you into the Research Wing but not the labs within, each of which have their own individual access levels.
Robotics Robotics N/A
Chemical Lab Chemistry N/A Every machine inside can by used by eveyone though, Chem Lab access or no.
Security Security
SecTech Vendors
SecMate computer
Confiscated Items crate/locker
Forensics Detective's Office Forensics equipment locker
Security Records
Security Equipment N/A Security equipment lockers
Taser recharger rack
Now, this is what you need to open Security equipment lockers and the room that contains them. The weapons themselves, however, are not access-restricted. At all.
Firearms Carry Permit N/A N/A Securitrons, scanners, and GuardBuddies will not freak out if you're holding Contraband in your hand or on your belt.
Research Director's Office Research Director's Office Research Director's locker But not control of GuardBuddies or do anything requiring su/superuser access.
Emergency Storage N/A N/A Doesn't actually open Emergency Storage.
ID Computer N/A ID Computer Lets you modify access levels of ID cards using the ID Computer.
AI Upload AI Chamber
AI Upload
AI Module Storage
Computer Core
Turret deactivation control Any chump can upload a law, however, if they've a AI Law board.
Teleporter Teleporter Room N/A Not the one in Research, it's the other one that only teleports to beacons.
Head's Quarters/Bridge Bridge Communications console!
Airbridge Computer
Bank Records
Research Mainframe.
If the GuardBuddies are on purge, they will leave you alone.
Captain's Quarters Captain's Quarters Captain's equipment locker
Chief Engineer's Office Chief Engineer's Office Chief Engineer's locker
Medical Director's Office Medical Director's Office Medical Director's locker
Restricted medicine locker
Head of Personnel's Office Head of Personnel's Office Your (assuming you're reading this as the HoP) locker!

The Personal Equipment Manufacturer

Stashed away in your quarters is your very own fabricator, the Personal Equipment Manufacturer. This oft-neglected machine can make spare ID cards in case some hooligan steals the spare ID boxes. When hacked, it can also manufacture sweet shiny golden ID cards to leave out in the open as "captain" IDs .

Your PEM can also make access implants, which are essentially unstealable (most of the time) ID cards that don't use a slot. To set the clearances on these little buggers, insert them into the ID Computer as you would a regular card and designate the appropriate access. By default, your manufacturer can only make temporary access implants with only eight charges, which translates into an unlimited amount of crates and eight access-locked doors or lockers. If you hack it, it can then produce tremendously superior, far cooler permanent access implants, which come with unlimited charges, functioning like a true physical ID card.

Crew Objectives

As a loyal crew member, you can sometimes be assigned some strictly optional objectives to keep yourself busy while you wait for something to happen. The HoP can expect to see the following:

End the round alive but not on the station or escape levels
When the shuttle ETA is less then 5 minutes, get a jetpack and full spacesuit and go to another Z-level, just be careful about the dangers lurking in space. Alternatively, head by Pod Bay, hop into a pod, and fly away from all the inevitable chaos and madness.

Syndicate HoP: Corporate Rearrangement, the bloody way

So! The Syndicates finally convinced you that you are the best man to to take care of the station, and also convinced you that your drunken moron of a Captain, and his army of ignorant thugs dubbed "Security" has to go. By any means necessary.

A traitorous HoP is one of the toughest traitors to deal with. As soon as the round beings, he can create all-access cards for himself and his traitorous comrades, with little to no difficulty. He can make a trip to EVA to snatch up a space suit, and jetpack to plot in space, and he can grab the security equipment next to him with incredible ease. An HoP who knows how to harm the station can put the crew and ship in a world of hurt before they can even figure out how to turn the engine on. Have fun!

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