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| -25
| -25
| Darkness is greatly reduced. Pitch-black areas will still appear dim, though not enough to significantly reduce visibility.
| Darkness is greatly reduced. Pitch-black areas will still appear dim, though not enough to significantly reduce visibility.
|- id="Hemopoiesis Overdrive"
| Hemopoiesis Overdrive
| You feel like being stabbed isn't such a big deal anymore.
| <font color=green>Beneficial</font>
| -15
| When you have less than 500 units of blood in you, you regenerate blood faster than usual at around 6 units per second. Stacks with [[Chemistry#Filgrastim|filgrastim's]] blood regen.

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Here we go, time to make superheroes!

Geneticists have access to "GeneTek" consoles and scanners. These devices can, with enough patience, reward you with superpowers, crippling disabilities, or just amusing mutations.

The GeneTek Console

When you initially open up the console, you'll see just one link to click on:

  • Research Menu - Has pages that show possible research, research that is currently taking place, finished research, DNA Samples of all the crew, and other things.

While you can do plenty with the Research Menu, you can do plenty more by inserting a person into the scanner. To insert someone into the GeneTek scanner, you can either 1) click on them Grab intent and click on the scanner or 2) click on their sprite and drag and drop it onto the scanner sprite. When the scanner is occupied, the GeneTek console menu will show a few more options to click through in addition to the Research Menu:

  • Potential - Where you go to mess with DNA and activate mutations. You'll do most of the genetics work here.
  • Mutations - Lists activated mutations of subject.
  • Body - Where you go to mess with the occupant's body form.

In addition to this, the console will show you the occupant's health and genetic stability. It is important to keep an eye on both of these attributes, as there is a finite amount of air in the scanner, and low stability can have detrimental effects. If you need to get the occupant out, right click on the scanner and choose Eject Occupant. You can also click-drag the scanner sprite onto the floor.


There's also various little icons for Important Things You Should Be Aware Of:

The printer icon at the bottom left is used to print out the current page onto a piece of paper, if you want to do that for some reason. Maybe you could label it CLOWN WEAKNESSES and auction it off for 1000 credits or something.

Research Time.png This is the number of seconds you must wait until a piece of tracked research is completed.

DNA Injector Icon.png This is the number of seconds you must wait until a DNA Activator or DNA Injector (if you brought upgrade) can be created. Injectors require a longer pause than Activators.

Once you've brought and completed certain upgrades, you'll see a few new indicators.

Reclaimer Cooldown.png This is the number of seconds you must wait until the DNA Reclaimer can be used.

Emitter Cooldown.png This is the number of seconds you must wait until the Radiation Emitters can be used.

Analyzer Cooldown.png This is the number of seconds you must wait until the Gene Sequence Checker can be used.


Mutations are composed of a series of paired blocks, representing some block of genetic code. Each block contains the values G, A, C, T (Guanine, Adenine, Cytosine, and Thymine respectively) or is empty. In each pair of blocks, a G block always links to a C block, and a T block always links to an A block, but the order in which these appear in the block can vary.

Every person (and monkey) on the station will have a range of latent mutations, also known as their potential, which are mutations with missing blocks buried in the subject's genetic code, incomplete and inactive. Initially, the function and effects of these mutations are unknown and are considered Unknown Mutations. The overarching goal of genetics is to research and activate these latent mutations among the crew.

All of this is done through either the Potential page, if you've inserted someone into the GeneTek scanner or the View DNA Samples page, which is accessed through the Research page.

At the Potential page, you'll find ten squares that form a horizontal strand of DNA (distinct from the smaller, DNA blocks that form a mutation). At roundstart, all these blocks will be greyed out. If you click on one of the greyed out blocks, the console will show that it's an Unknown Mutation, meaning the console doesn't know what it does.

Researching them is simple enough. When you're looking at an Unknown Mutation, simply click on the curiously named Research required link to have the GeneTek analyze its effects. After around half a minute or so, the square will light up, and you'll get the mutation's name and short, sweet description of what it does. Now, knowing what a latent mutation does when you activate it is one thing, actually activating those mutations is another. There are two main ways of filling in the missing bits and activating the latent mutations:

  1. Completing their DNA code.
  2. Vending a DNA activator.

Completing the Code

In this method, you manually add the missing bits to the latent mutation, which the GeneTek represents as a bunch of lettered blocks with empty spaces for you to fill in. Some sections can be figured out immediately, while others need simple guesswork as you go through each possible combination. Once the correct arrangement and combination of blocks is entered, you can then activate the mutation. It will then be removed from Potential and relocate to the Mutations section, where all the active mutations are displayed.

There are two advantages to the first method: The correct sequence of blocks will directly be stored in the GeneTek, letting you instantly activate the gene without guessing or waiting for activator creation to cool down, and you can activate the gene without letting the target out of the scanner, which may be beneficial if doing so would result in bodily damage, like that monkey you just made into a fire-breathing crime against nature.

Within a round, all subjects with a specific mutation will have the exact same combinations and arrangement of DNA blocks required to unlock it. Once you've activated a mutation the slow way once, an autocomplete button will appear in Potential, letting you instantly activate that mutation on a target in the scanner.

This also means that if, for example, one human has half the code for Fire Resist and another has the other half, you can simply put the two together to figure out the full code. By clicking on the green vertical line connecting pairs of blocks, you can highlight that pair, which is useful for marking parts of the mutation which haven't been figured out yet.

Walkthrough - Completing the Code

One of the two ways to activate a mutation is to have the subject be in the scanner and fill out the blocks until the correct combination and arrangement of bases is achieved. This section will walk you through this task using a simple example.

Though in this example we've researched the mutation by clicking the Research required link, you do not have to research a mutation to start filling in the blocks and activating the mutation this way. It is, however, highly recommended that you do. (In the time you complete the code, you'll probably get back the materials anyway. )


Start off by filling up any half-filled pairs. A goes with T, G goes with C.


Next, start working on the unfilled pairs. CG is different from GC, and AT is different from TA, so each unfilled pair has four different possible arrangements. Luckily, there's only one unfilled pair here, so in total, there are four different combinations we need to try. Let's start with GC.

Hint: Choosing the swap options (e.g. A->T, C->G) will fill both blocks, much quicker than individually filling blocks.


GC doesn't do anything, so we'll try CG next.


CG doesn't do anything either. What about AT?


Success! Click "Activate" and you're done!

This is quite a simple example, and we did not have to go through many combinations to get to the correct pattern. However, once you get into multiple empty pairs (which is rather common), the amount of combinations you'll have to try can quickly escalate. Luckily, one of the first upgrades you can buy, Gene Sequence Checker, can make this go by much quicker. With this upgrade, you can fill all the unfilled pairs with one pair, use the checker, swap out all the ones marked wrong with a different pair, wait for the checker to cooldown, and rinse and repeat.

Locked pairs

You may notice some pairs have a little lock between them, click on them to begin a game:

 SCANNER ALERT: Encryption is a 2-character code.
 Possible characters in this code: G C 

A specific chain of letters must be entered to unlock the pair of blocks. The only possible combinations here are GG, GC, CG and CC.

If your answer is wrong, the machine will show you how close you are to the correct answer. Let's assume we entered GG and this was the result:

 SCANNER ALERT: Decryption failed.
 0/2 correct characters in entered code.
 0/2 characters in correct position.
 Attempts remaining: 1.

This shows that there is no G in the code, and thus the code must be CC!

Some codes will be this simple, but others will have up to 4 characters. Some genes will even have multiple locked pairs. Most of the more powerful genes have some of their pairs locked, so it can be worth the effort!

DNA Activators

Rather than figuring out and manually adding the missing bits yourself, you can have the GeneTek create a DNA activator with all the necessary bits needed to activate the mutation. Unlike the above, this method involves only four clicks and zero guesswork:

  • One to go to the page for the mutation (via clicking on those nifty horizontal helix sections).
  • One to research the mutation (via the Research required link), since you must research a mutation first to vend activators for it.
  • One to vend a DNA activator (via the appropriately named Create Activator) twenty or so seconds afterward, when the Mutation Research finishes.
  • One on a target human player (i.e. not a humanized monkey) who has the corresponding mutation in their Potential to activate it. (Using, for example, an Obesity activator for someone who doesn't have Obesity in their potential will do nothing.)

Plus a few more clicks to get to the Potential page or the View DNA Samples page through the Research page, if you weren't on there already. You do not have to complete the blocks on the screen for the mutation during any part of this process.

The second method is much faster than the first, and is the geneticist's primary method of distributing mutations among the crew. The only downsides are the 20-second cooldown between each activator creation and the fact that they don't help in solving the DNA blocks puzzle. Additionally, an activator that is successfully used on a human (i.e. activates a mutation that was in that person's Potential) will turn transparent and become a filled DNA activator (FilledActivator.png); if it failed, you'll get an expended DNA activator (ExpendedActivator.png).. You can then click on the genetics console with the filled activator in your active hand to redeem it for the following rewards:

  • Extra research materials.
  • A free unlock for a locked pair.
  • A random chromosome.

In addition, each and every filled DNA activator turned in will also reduce the costs of all Research tasks, including mutation research, by one. It's not too much, but the reduction adds up over time, and it'll help you unlock those more expensive upgrades.

Because this provides the most rewards for time spent and directly makes getting nifty things like DNA Injectors and Mutation Storage easier, it's generally the preferred way of activating mutations most of the time, especially when it's early in the round and you're thinking of getting plenty of upgrades.

Research Menu

Opening Research Menu will open up a boatload of options:

  • Purchase Additional Materials - Buy more Materials for Research and such with money from the Research budget (which, strangely, isn't really used by the actual Science/Research team, just Geneticists), at 50 credits for 1 Material.
  • Available Research - See all the Research upgrades you can currently get, detailed right below.
  • Research in Progress - See which upgrades are being researched and how long it'll be until they're finished.
  • Researched Mutations - Look through a database of all the mutations you've discovered so far.
  • Stored Mutations - Where all the Mutations you store through Mutation Storage go.
  • Stored Chromosomes - See the section on Chromosomes below.
  • View DNA Samples - NanoTrasen takes a DNA sample from every crewmember when they join up and provides them to you here.
  • Finished Research - See all the Research upgrades you've completed so far.


Every mutation can be researched to find out what it does. If a mutation has not been researched, it is simply titled Unknown Mutation. Each mutation only needs to be researched once. Research is conducted by spending research materials, which are slowly gained over time. Additional research materials can be bought by spending money from the station's research budget.

Extra features and upgrades to the machine can be bought directly from the Research Menu section, through Available Research. Research starts at tier 1, with just Radiation Emitters and Gene Sequence Checker available, but as you research more mutations and buy features and complete tiers of research, more and more of the listed items become available.

All research costs are reduced every time a) a filled DNA activator is put into a GeneTek, or b) someone is cloned with Genetic Analysis enabled on the cloner.

Research Tier Research Time Materials Cost Effect
Mutation Research None 60 seconds 20 Shows the name of that particular mutation and gives a brief description of it. Unlike the other tasks, this is done via Research required in the Potential or View DNA Samples pages, rather than Available Research.
Radiation Emitters 1 90 seconds 80 Installs radiation emitters in the scanner, allowing you to re-roll the pool of potential mutations of a person. This will cause severe radiation poisoning that will have to be treated. This can not be used on dead organisms and has a cooldown time of 3 minutes. You use these via Scramble DNA when you click on the Potential Menu, before looking at/clicking on a mutation.
Gene Sequence Checker 1 90 seconds 50 Installs analysis equipment in the scanner that allows users to check how many base pairs are stable. It has a cooldown of one minute. Correct DNA pairs will turn blue. Incorrect DNA pairs will turn red.
Advanced Mutation Research 1 90 seconds 50 Halves the base cost and time of researching a mutation and enables the ability to see, research, and activate advanced mutations. Advanced mutations are generally very powerful and/or unique.
Biotic Cooling Mechanisms 1 90 seconds 150 Applies genetic research to halve the cooldown times for all equipment.
DNA Reclaimer 2 240 seconds 100 Allows unwanted genes to be converted into research materials. It has a two minute cooldown and has a chance to fail depending on what gene is being reclaimed.
Radiation Dampeners 2 180 seconds 80 Reduces the amount of harmful radiation caused by Radiation Emitters
DNA Injectors 2 240 seconds 120 Allows the manufacture of syringes that can insert researched genes into other subjects. Syringes cost 40 materials to manufacture.
Emitter Coolant System 2 180 seconds 120 Reduces the amount of time required for Radiation Emitters to cool down.
Mutation Storage 3 300 seconds 100 Allows for storage of up to three genes in the GeneTek console's Mutations menu for the purposes of combination or transference into new recipients. The genes must be researched and activated before storage. Stored mutations can be combined in the Research->Stored Mutations menu, resulting in rare or even completely unique mutations! Experiment!
Precision Radiation Emitters 3 300 seconds 150 Upgrades the Radiation Emitters in the scanner so they can target single genes at a time. The gene must have been researched first, and doing this has a longer cooldown and greater irradiation amount than regular emitters.
Improved Material Storage 3 300 seconds 125 Increases the maximum number of research materials to 150.
Biotic Radiation Dampeners 3 250 seconds 100 Completely removes the harmful effects of the Radiation Emitters.
Expanded Mutation Storage 4 450 seconds 120 Adds two additional saving slots for mutations, for a total of 5.


DNA Injectors are made from either stored mutations (using the Mutation Storage research described above) or subjects with active mutations. Upon jabbing someone with a DNA Injector, the corresponding mutation will be activated in the target, even if they didn't have that mutation in their genetic potential, effectively meaning that you can give anyone any mutation! On the downside, giving someone mutations not already in their genetic potential will also cause damage to their genetic stability. More on that later.


Chromosomes are modifiers that can be spliced with existing mutations to improve or alter their abilities. You can sometimes get them from turning in filled DNA activators. Each mutation can only be spliced once, at either the Potential or (if applicable) the Stored Mutations Menu, but the modified mutation can be stored and applied multiple times. Before a chromosome can be spliced, they must be marked for splicing first, through the Stored Chromosomes menu, which is accessible through the Research Menu. They come in multiple forms:

  • Stabilizer: Removes the genetic stability penalty from the mutation.
  • Synchronizer: Makes the mutation less dangerous to the user. This has multiple different effects depending on the mutation it's spliced with.
  • Weakener: Makes the mutation give more genetic material when reclaimed.
  • Reinforcer: Makes the mutation mutadone-proof, meaning that the only way it can be removed is through the genetics console.
  • Power Booster: Makes the mutation more powerful! Note that this only affects ability mutations, i.e. mutations that appear in the DNA hotbar.
  • Energy Booster: Halves the cooldown time associated with any activated ability the mutant grants.
  • Camouflager: Hides the message associated with gaining a mutation.

Lesser-Relevant Menus

Compared to Research and Potential, there's not much to say about these. They still have a purpose, mind you, but they do far less than the other ones and are way less important.

Mutations Menu

This shows mutations which are active. If you have the Mutation Storage upgrade, this is where you go to store them.


This lets you change the occupant into a variety of lovely forms depending on what mutations you've researched, such as a lizardman or a giant cockroach. By default, Human and Primal Genetics (monkey) are available.


This one opens up a menu, just like the one in the Character Selection screen, where you can change the hair style (s), hair color, skin tone, eye color, and various other cosmetic things about the occupant. If you want to give people obnoxious Sailor Moon hair or colorful Rainbow Afros, this is the place (and the only place at that, as this is pretty much the only way to get those unique hair styles).



There are a wide variety of mutations, some commonplace and simple, some extremely powerful and rare. Some are beneficial, some are detrimental, some are situational, and some are just wacky and fun. There are more mutations than those listed here, so feel free to research and find mutations on your own! Clicking the blue ABIL tab on your hotbar will toggle between standard options and your available mutation powers. You can also choose to spawn with things like these, called Traits.


Fiddling with your genes is not free! Every time you use your active powers, there is a risk that your powers will horribly backfire, causing a Bad Thing happen. The chance you avert this and successfully use your powers is called genetic stability. You start out with 100 genetic stability, i.e. a 100% success rate, and if you are Injected with mutations not in your genetic potential, this number will increase and decrease by a set amount, depending on the mutation. Typically speaking, the more powerful the mutation injected, the bigger the stability penalty. Some genetic mutations, usually the debilitating ones, can actually increase your stability instead.

If you reach sufficiently low levels of stability, extremely bad things are extremely likely to end up happening, up to and including spontaneous gibbing and/or petrification. Activating mutations from your Potential pool doesn't affect Stability at all; it only happens with Injected mutations. In other words, stability loss really only occurs with DNA Injectors; DNA Activators, by their very nature, do not incur stability penalties since they can't activate mutations that aren't in your potential.

Certain chromosomes can change the effects of certain mutations, such as removing the stability penalty, making otherwise harmful mutations harmless, or making them more powerful. Experiment!

High Complexity DNA

This is a unique, rare mutation which cannot be researched or activated using an activator. It can also only be worked on if the carrier is physically in the scanner. When activated and stored using the Mutation Storage research, it serves as a wildcard for combining stored mutations, so you can very easily get some fascinating and rare mutations this way.

Combining Mutations

Once you have researched Mutation Storage, active mutations can be stored and combined to yield new and more useful mutations. Some of these are only available via combination, whereas others may appear (rarely) as potentials. There isn't any penalty to getting an invalid combo, so feel free to experiment and see what results you get!

Possible Mutations

Power Message Danger Level Stability Effect
Blindness You can't see anything. Harmful +20 You no longer see action messages about what you and other people are doing and cannot see anything beyond a very small distance from you. You can still interact with things via right-click menu, and you can click on pills/patches/auto-injectors in-hand to use them on yourself, but you otherwise can't do much. To fix this without modifying DNA, you can equip a pair of VISOR Goggles.
Frontal Gyrus Suspension You are unable to express yourself. Harmful +20 You become mute, you are unable to speak. Mutadone cannot cure this if it is caused by admins, for obvious reasons.
Deafness It's quiet. Too quiet. Harmful +20 You can't hear anything. Blessed silence may come as a relief once you've gotten sick of the regular radio chatter. To fix this without modifying DNA, you can equip an auditory headset.
Radioactive You feel a strange sickness permeate your whole body Harmful -10 You suffer from radiation sickness and cause the same to nearby people. May also give you more bad mutations.
Dyspraxia You feel kind of off-balance and disoriented. Harmful +5 You randomly suffer bouts of movement confusion.
Glowy Your skin begins to glow softly. Harmless 0 You permanently emit a light with a random color and intensity.
Tourettes Your thoughts become disorderly and hard to control. Harmless +5 Your speech will often come out as excited shouts in ALL CAPS, be horribly misspelled, and instead of saying "say" before everything you, well... say, it will say that you "gibbered". Also, sometimes things you say will be broadcast over the radio if you are wearing one, in all its CAPS filled glory, whether you want it to or not.
Frontal Gyrus Alteration Type N Y-you f.. feel a.. a bit n-n-nervous. Porky but Harmless 0 Your speech stutters and falters like Porky the Pig.
Frontal Gyrus Alteration Type-S You feel like you want to smile and smile and smile forever :) Happily Harmless 0 You somehow say colon parthesis (:))after everything you say.
Frontal Gyrus Alteration Type-E You feel funky. Elvisously Harmless 0 You talk like a king...a king of rock and roll! You extend your vowels the same way Elvis does.
Frontal Gyrus Alteration Type-C Ye feel like a reet prat like, innit? Hermless, mate 0 You speak like a middle-class English chav. You are the charmingly ugly lovechild of at least ten cultural accents and pack sounds together like black pudding.
Frontal Gyrus Alteration Type-B You feel Swedish, however that works. Tootelly Hermless, bork bork! 0 You speak Swedish,Bork Bork Bork! You extend your vowels to long e's and o's, and randomly add "Bork"'s like you add Swedish meatballs. The chef will commonly spawn with this accent.
Frontal Gyrus Alteration Type-T You feel torn apart! Moestly Hahwleess 0 You have Tommy Wiseau's Joisey accent. Your speech is an audio disaster.
Frontal Gyrus Alteration Type-CS You feel great!! Comically Harmless 0 You somehow speak in Comic Sans.
Frontal Gyrus Alteration Type-D You feel like your tongue's made out of lead. Compleffely Harmleshsh 0 You slur your speech like a drunkard.
Frontal Gyrus Alteration Type-R .sdrawkcab tib a leef uoY .sselmrah, tub gnisufnoC 0 You talk backwards. Pro-tip: Put your ; or :prefix at the end to talk over the radio.
Frontal Gyrus Alteration Type-O You feel a bit tongue-tied. Mstly Hrmlss 0 All your vowels get replaced with a random vowel.
Frontal Gyrus Alteration Type-F Och aye! You feel like a true Scot! Skaithless 0 You speak with a Scottish accent. You do weird things with vowels, and, unlike other accents, you use entirely different words for things. You call a butt a "dowp", a jumpsuit a "carsakie", things like that.
Frontal Gyrus Alteration Type-FI Sauna and birch beatings! Hyvä! Arrmless 0 You speak like the space Finns, the sauna-loving, people-hating neighbors of Sweden. You double up on your i's and r's, pronounce g-vowel pairs at the beginning of words as k-vowel, chop w's into v's, have a peculiar inability to say h's, say sh as ch, and switch up your b's with p's and vice versa.
Frontal Gyrus Alteration Type-F You feel that your province is a nation, however that works. 'armless 0 You speak the accent of the space separatist Space Quebeckers of Space Canada. You say "le" instead of "the", contract h's at the beginning of words, and pepper your sentences with curious profanity. In addition to the stereotypical "th"->"z", you also have:
  • ts->zes
  • st->ss
  • ch->sh
  • vowel-t at end of word->vowel-tte
  • vowels at the beginning of a word->h-vowel
  • F at beginning of word->ef
Frontal Gyrus Alteration Type-BT Your breath smells like a fart. Butt +10 You speak like a buttbot. When you talk, some of your words are replaced by "butt".
Frontal Gyrus Alteration Type-X You can't seem to form any coherent thoughts! Harmful +10 Your speech becomes unintelligible, as every consonant is randomized. Vowels are unaffected.
Cranial Keratin Formation A pair of horns erupt from your head. Harmless 0 You look (more) like a doofus.
Apocrine Enhancement You feel sweaty. Harmless 0 You get a serious case of the stinks, causing people nearby to get wonderful messages about how nice the room smells.
Fire Resistance You feel cold. Beneficial -10 You are immune to high temperature and fire. You have a noticeable orange aura.
Cold Resistance You feel warm. Beneficial -10 You are immune to low temperature and ice. You have a noticeable blue aura.
Thermal Resistance N/A Beneficial -10 You are immune to all changes in temperature, fire and ice. You gain an aura which flicks between orange and blue.
Alcohol resistance You feel unusually sober. Beneficial 0 You are a bit more immune to alcohol I.E: You can drink Bo Jack Daniel's without passing out, but you will still get fairly smashed. At the start of the round, the detective, HoS and barman will normally spawn with this mutation.
Radiation Resistance N/A Beneficial -15 You are immune to ionizing radiation, period. While you'll still get the Irradiated status effect, you don't suffer the resulting mutations or the associated TOX and BURN damage.
SMES Human Your hair stands on end. Beneficial (Mostly) -15 You are protected from electrical energy. Useful when the AI is shocking everything or a malicious Engineer has hotwired the engine and you are lacking insulated gloves. You will also resist shocks from stun batons, but not the more concentrated electric bursts of energy guns and tasers. On the flip side however, this includes defibrillators.
Jumpy Your leg muscles feel strong and taut. Beneficial -5 You gain a jump that moves you half a screen in no time at all. Just make sure you don't use it while inside a container/vehicle of some sort, or you won't like the result...
Chameleon You feel at one with your surroundings. Beneficial -20 You become invisible while standing still. This can work against you in more ways than one.
Cloak of Darkness You meld into the shadows. Beneficial -20 You're invisible while in the dark. Vampires also get this power.
High-pressure intestines You feel bloated and gassy. Beneficial -15 Blow away your foes with your tremendous farts! Beware: if Empowered, you will not just blow away your foes, but also yourself.
Cryokinesis You notice a strange cold tingle in your fingertips. Beneficial -10 You gain the ability to cool people down significantly by firing a ball of ice at them, and to get on everyone's nerves by creating patches of slippery ice on the floor.
Telepathy You can hear your own voice echoing in your mind. Beneficial -5 You gain the ability to communicate telepathically. Don't use this to impersonate admins, lest you want to earn yourself a ban.
Optic Energizer Your eyes ache and burn. Beneficial -10 You gain the ability to fire laser beams from your eyes.
Meta-Neural Enhancement Your mind feels closed. Beneficial 0 You cannot be mind-read or telepathically spoken to. Doesn't affect the admin's telepathy, obviously.
Empathic Thought You suddenly notice more about others than you did before. Beneficial -5 You can read the minds of others, telling you things such as their current intent, and numbers that might be important to them. Wizards start will a spell much like this, but theirs shows the owner of the mind being read's current location.
Matter Eater You feel hungry. Beneficial -5 You can eat many more items than normal, like weapons from disarmed opponents, or even your own body parts! Just remember that you need certain body parts to live...
Telekinetic Pull You feel your consciousness expand outwards. Beneficial -15 You can send unanchored items flying from afar by click-dragging them from one tile to another. You can also perform a Telekinetic Smash, which throws all unanchored objects near to a location into it. Works great with X-ray vision.
Gamma Ray Exposure You feel your muscles swell to an immense size. Beneficial -25 Your skin turns green, and your punches knock people away from you and do more damage. Your fists can instantly break tables, asteroid rock, wooden doors (but not any other doors), and grilles if they've fairly low health, and they can break windows, walls, and clown cars with enough time. Watch your health; if you get too hurt, your muscles will shrink back down.
X-Ray vision You suddenly seem to be able to see through everything. Beneficial -30 Basically wearing Optical Meson Scanners and Optical Thermal Scanners at the same time, as it lets you can see through walls and see cloaked people. Doesn't decrease or remove darkness, but it also doesn't increase the darkness of areas beyond your normal line of sight, unlike mesons.
High Decay Digestion Your stomach grumbles unpleasantly. Harmful -10 Your farts create clouds of jenkem, which goes straight into the bloodstream of anyone who breathes it in.
Obesity You feel bloated and lethargic. Harmful +5 Is fat. You are so fat that people may struggle to push your fat ass out of the way. Some of your clothes may also rip due to your extreme girth. Also makes it harder to find your neck.
Self Biomass Manipulation Your skin and joints feel loose. Harmful -5 You can turn yourself into a liquid. If it's not Synchronized, your flesh melts off your body; RIP. If it is Synchronized, it's a genetic version of the wizard's Phase Shift; beware however that if it backfires, even when synchronized, you are still killed instantly. However, due to the way the chance of a backfire is calculated, using this power even at relatively high genetic stability(anything less than 100) can still kill you, so be warned! (Note: This power used to trigger the unsynchronized effect if you were anywhere on the Restricted area, but now it simply states that "you cannot seem to turn incorporeal here.")
Incendiary Mitochondria You feel like you are burning up. Harmful -10 You set yourself on fire and become a human torch. This is a very bad thing if you don't want to burn alive. If you have Heat Resistance this will instead fizzle and do nothing.
Epilepsy You twitch. Harmful +10 You will occasionally have seizures, being stunned on the floor for the duration of them. You will shake violently, and due to a bug the twitching will persist even after the mutation is removed.
Chronic Cough You feel an irritating itch in your throat. Harmful 0 You occasionally cough, dropping anything in your hands.
Diminished Optic Nerves Your vision blurs. Harmful +5 Your vision becomes blurred, and darkened outside a small radius. Can be counteracted with Prescription Glasses.
Adrenaline Rush You feel hype! Beneficial -5 You get an activated ability that allows you to recover from stuns by putting various stimulating and painkilling drugs in your bloodstream. Also one of the only genetic mutations that can be used while incapacitated.
Anaerobic Metabolism Your lungs feel strangely empty. Beneficial -40 Prevents you from taking any damage from lack of oxygen and inhaling harmful gases like plasma (but not chemical smokes, you still need internals for those!). If this mutation is received while taking suffocation damage, your damage "locks" to its current value. So if you were unable to talk due to lack of breath, you continue to gasp your way through the world until the mutation is removed.
Apidae Metabolism You feel buzzed. Harmless 0 Doesn't seem to do anything at first. However, if sugar is put into the bloodstream through any means, it has...interesting effects.
Booster Gene N/A  ?  ? Booster Genes are a group of five different, mysterious genetic mutations that, on their own, do absolutely nothing. However, they are said to interact with other activated genes in various and interesting ways.
Constricted Larynx ...you feel like being quiet... Harmless 0 Your text becomes really, really small.
Corprolalia You can't seem to shut up! Harmless 0 You randomly shout random swear words.
Dactyl Crystalization Your fingers and toes turn transparent and crystalline. Harmless 0 Changes your snap and slap noises. This doesn't mean you can't still snap your fingers off!
Dermal Glitter Your skin looks all blinged out. Harmless 0 You sparkle as if you're carrying an item made of gold.
Dimensional Shift You begin to see a small blue light... Beneficial -20 You can enter a pocket dimension, rendering you immune to any and all outside events, but you're unable to move while within this space until you exit. Basically, an indestructible, incorporeal closet on command. Any effects that are doing damage to you such as a heart attack or damage from poison still happen.
Ethanol Production You feel drunk! Harmful 0 You constantly produce ethanol in your bloodstream, slowly making you extremely drunk.
Healing Touch Your hands radiate a comforting aura. Beneficial -10 You gain an ability that can heal an adjacent human for a small amount of damage.
Irritable Bowels Your guts are rumbling. Harmless 0 You automatically and intermittently fart.
Meta-Neural Antenna Your head is full of odd chatter. Beneficial -5 You can hear the common radio channel (145.9) without a headset.
Midas Touch Your hands sparkle and gleam. Beneficial -5 You gain the ability to turn certain items into solid gold! This includes your own butt (and other limbs). Just don't expect to get super-rich from selling your transmuted gold bars; the traders can tell that it wasn't originally genuine gold.
Motor Neuron Signal Enhancement One of your limbs feels a bit strange and twitchy. Harmful +20 A random limb, chosen upon mutation acquirement, proceeds to strangle you, kick you in the head, and do various other harmful actions.
Musculature Enhancement You feel buff! Beneficial 0 You gain a slight strength bonus to mining. Also negates the speed penalty from pulling objects somewhat. Maybe it has other uses...
Narcolepsy You feel sleepy. Harmful +5 You randomly to fall asleep.
Natural Anti-Toxins Your pulse seems to relax. Beneficial -15 Increases the depletion rate of all chemicals in your bloodstream. Note that this is not exclusive to poisons; it affects all chemicals.
Paranoia They're out to get you! Harmless 0 You automatically and intermittently scream.
Photokinesis Everything seems too dark! Beneficial -5 You can create a radiant point of light.
Polymorphism You don't feel entirely like yourself somehow. Beneficial -15 You can take on the appearance and name of a crewmember by touching them.
Pseudonecrosis N/A Beneficial -5 You are recognized as dead by all medical scanners and machinery.
Regeneration Your skin feels tingly and shifty. Beneficial -40 You slowly regenerate brute and burn damage and regain lost limbs over time.
Spatial Destabilization You feel a bit out of place. Harmful -15 You teleport at random. Fortunately you can't teleport onto space tiles. Unfortunately you can teleport onto things covering space tiles, like catwalks.
Toxic Resistance You feel refreshed and clean. Beneficial -40 Your current toxin damage is "locked", and you are immune to any further toxin damage. You will still be susceptible to any other effects of poisons, such as radiation, burn damage, stuns, and suffocation.
Unstable Refraction N/A Harmful -15 You randomly flicker in and out of invisibility at random. (Unable to get currently)
Meta-Neural Haze N/A Harmless -5 Your character can't be Examined.
Brown Note You feel mischievous! Harmless (Mostly) -15 You can produce a sound that makes others around you fart. Be careful around bibles!
Mass Emesis You feel sick. Beneficial -10 You can expel whatever chemicals were in your bloodstream as a beam of vomit. Anyone caught in the beam absorbs the chems.
Ink Glands You feel artistic. Beneficial -2 You can expel modified melanin.
Fire Breath Your throat is burning! Beneficial -10 You can exhale fire.
Erebokinesis Everything seems too bright! Beneficial -5 You can snuff out all light in an area, akin to a darkness artifact.
Mutagenic Field Your flesh begins to warp and contort weirdly! Harmful -50 You occasionally spontaneously mutate and may cause others nearby to do the same, with a higher chance of receiving bad mutations than good.
Blood Toxification ...you feel sick. Harmful 0 You occasionally suffer one unit of toxin damage.
Monkeyspeak You feel one with the jungle! Beneficial 0 You can understand the chimpering of monkeys.
Night Vision Everything suddenly appears oddly lit. Beneficial -25 Darkness is greatly reduced. Pitch-black areas will still appear dim, though not enough to significantly reduce visibility.
Hemopoiesis Overdrive You feel like being stabbed isn't such a big deal anymore. Beneficial -15 When you have less than 500 units of blood in you, you regenerate blood faster than usual at around 6 units per second. Stacks with filgrastim's blood regen.

Body Type Genetics

Various, harmless, completely cosmetic mutations that make your character look like various things such as a lizard person or a giant roach. Can only have one at a time. They have no stability penalty. Once you've researched them, you can activate these through the Body menu, in addition to the activators and DNA block methods.

While different Admins have different policies on whether or not characters with these mutations are human under the silicons' eyes, it is universally agreed that hey are still protected by the Rules. That means it is not acceptable to kill them just simply because they're a lizardperson or whatever, unlike other servers.

Power Message Effect
Dwarfism Did everything just get bigger? You are smaller. At the start of the round, Miners may spawn with this mutation.
Bioluminecent Overdrive Your skin begins flashing! Your skin begins to rapidly flash different colors, similar to GBS' symptom but without any of the deadliness.
Melanin Stimulator N/A Turns your skin and hair EXTREMELY dark.
Melanin Suppressor N/A Turns your hair and skin to an extremely light shade and makes your eyes red.
Melanin Eraser You feel oddly plain. Turns your hair and skin EXTREMELY light. Essentially albinism.
Saurian Genetics Your skin feels oddly dry. You turn part lizard/reptile. Your skin turns green, and your get a tail, like a T-rex. You also extend every s into a hiss, like a snake.
Ossification You feel kinda thin. All your meat and organs squishes into your bonesturn, turning you into a very spooky living skeleton. Don't think about it too much.
Aquatic Genetics You feel wet and squishy. You turn part squidperson/ithillid/starspawn. Your skin turns purple-pink, your eyes turn yellow, and you grow mini-tenacles and fins on your head that allow you move through liquids without slowing down. And, yes, you can breath underwater.
Blattodean Genetics You feel like crawling into somewhere nice and dark. You turn part cockroach, though some say it's more like those ants from A Bug's Life but brown. A pair of antenna grow on your head, chitin plates grow all over your body, and you get this weird thorax thing where your butt is. All purely cosmetic, as usual, though you do see slightly better (as in, just one tile further) in the dark than usual.
Primal Genetics You go bananas! You become a Monkey.