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Named after its resemblance to the famous fried treat, Donut 3, sometimes written as Donut3 or Donut Station 3, is community-made map created by Mentor Ryumi/Jeni/Gowst that's designed for medium-to-high server populations (i.e. 40+ players) on both the RP and non-RP servers. It combines the layout and general griminess of its Donut Station 2 predecessor with modern amenities and map-mapping sensibilities, mixing it with some original touches, including new wall sprites, an off-station asylum, and a unique style of maintenance that's full of dead ends, secrets, random crap, and horrifying wiring.

If you find an bug related to this map, or notice there's something missing, don't be afraid to report it with the in-game bug-reporter button in the top right of the game screen or the bug tracker on the Github.

June 30th, 2020 - Present

Donut 3 was the first station to:

  • Feature railings, which block movement in certain directions and can be vaulted over by clicking on them with an empty hand. Railings can be made using metal sheets and deconstructed using a screwdriver and welder.
  • Include a library, complete with a printing press!
  • Use "Jen" walls, a new set of wall sprites that harken back to the old wall sprites before their shift to the 3/4 perspective, along some other turf textures made by the mapmaker herself.
  • Possess an off-station "asylum", accessible by a shuttle in the top center of Medbay.
  • Have indoor "maintenance catwalks" and "trash spawners", piles of random trash and occasionally tools of varying usefulness, in maintenance.
  • Put its Escape Arm completely indoors.
  • On the coding & map-making backend, use numbered random item spawners, for greater control over number of random items that appear in a certain place.


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