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Communications Office


Noise pollution.


Heads of Staff

The Communications Office above the Rising Tide bar and Security is both the ship's local radio station and the hub of most of its radio communications networks. You can easily recognize it by the wooden swinging doors at its entrance, which leads to a lil' waiting area with beige carpetting, a small couch and a crate with a reporter-esque hat and overcoat.

All PDA, headset, phone, intercom, station-bounced radio signals go through the comms tower in this place. Should it go down, they'll all be unusable for around 8 minutes, after which they'll come back online. This room is sort of an unsung hero for this; no one really notices or comments upon this function until the radio's gone offline.

Now, the other main purpose of this place is VERY noticeable, and it's putting on a radio show. To this end, this place is outfitted with a whole bunch of radio equipment, most of which is explained here. There's also a few mildly interesting bits, like an announcement computer with NO access requirements, but notice all the surveillance stuff: a portable cam viewer, a mobile camera, a security cameras monitor, and one of those old-timey TV sets that are built out of wood like it's still the Space 1960s. Whoever's here must be a real Peeping Tom. Speaking of which....

NanoTrasen loves radio shows so much that they created an new Head of Staff position, called it Communications Officer and made their entire job revolve around putting one on in this room. They really loosened the hiring process for this one, so you never really know who might be putting their voice into the airwaves. Some mystic immersed in the secrets of the Solarium? A sensefreak who's taken--and is possibly currently on--every known drug in the universe? An insane show host who offers great prizes for those who press their head and luck on the Russian revolver? Who knows?

Maintenance Information

There is no vent. Sound waves might need air (or some sort of medium at least), but radio waves don't.

The APC for this room is on the left wall, near the one entrance into this place.

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