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Clarion is one of the current maps used by Goonstation's RP server, Goonstation Roleplay, and its sister RP-optional server, simply named Goonstation. It was designed by Dionsu and mapped by a69andahalf.

Clarion is mostly finished, but any feedback and bug reports are still very welcomed. Use the in-game bug-reporter button in the top right of the game screen or visit the bug tracker on the Github to report Clarion bugs.

Note: This map only appears in the Map Vote if the server's player count is below 80, i.e. you can't vote for it if the population's above 80.

Note 2: On the RP server, Goonstation Roleplay, this map is a little different: the pods in the public pod bay start off locked. You might lucky enough to spawn with a code for one of the pods. Otherwise, Clarion on Goonstation and Clarion on Goonstation Roleplay are the same map, running the same codebase, so almost everything is interchangeable.

October 2, 2016 - Now

Clarion Bow

Clarion Midsection

Clarion Port

Clarion Amidships

Clarion Starboard

Clarion Aft