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This is where scientists go to brew up chemicals. Gets set on fire every other twice a round.



Breeding ground for weapons of mass destruction and urine-infused smoke clouds alike.


Research Director, Scientist



Breeding ground for weapons of mass destruction and urine-infused smoke clouds alike.


Research Director, Scientist



Breeding ground for weapons of mass destruction and urine-infused smoke clouds alike.


Research Director, Scientist



Breeding ground for weapons of mass destruction and urine-infused smoke clouds alike.


Research Director, Scientist



Breeding ground for weapons of mass destruction and urine-infused smoke clouds alike.


Research Director, Scientist



Breeding ground for weapons of mass destruction and urine-infused smoke clouds alike.


Research Director, Scientist



Breeding ground for weapons of mass destruction and urine-infused smoke clouds alike.


Research Director, Scientist



Breeding ground for weapons of mass destruction and urine-infused smoke clouds alike.


Research Director, Scientist, Medical Director, Medical Doctor, Roboticist, Geneticist, Head of Security, Security Officer, Detective, Janitor

Oh boy I can't wait to melt my eyebrows off!

Here's a quick look at the devices scattered across the room.

ChemDispenser.png Chem Dispenser: Dispenses a whole slew of chemicals. Use a beaker (or any liquid-bearing container) on it to insert it, then use the machine to pick chemicals. You can choose to remove unwanted chemicals (isolate removes all chemicals BUT the selected one). When you're done, eject the beaker from the menu.

You can also make pre-set chemical groups through the Group button, so that the chem dispenser dispenses certain reagents automatically when you click one of the Group buttons. An example reagent group:


Notice: no spaces needed, no semi-colon at the end necessary. For fairly obvious reasons, you can't do things like sulfuric_acid=1; the chem dispenser simply doesn't dispense such reagents, just their ingredients. You must do hydrogen=1;oxygen=1;sulfur=1 instead.

ReagentExtractor2.png Reagent Extractor: Converts certain items (usually food items or plants but not always) into chemical reagents that are stored into one of two internal tanks or an inserted container.

ChemHeater.png Heating/Cooling Unit: Used to chill or heat containers. Use the menu to set a target temperature (Tip: click the number itself to punch in a number instead of clicking + and - over and over again.), and press Activate to start the heating/cooling process.

CheMaster.png CheMaster 3000: Used to turn chemicals into pills, medical patches, medicine bottles, or ampoules, though it can also isolate or remove reagents from the inserted beaker. If you need more information, click the Analyze option next to the reagent name, and the CheMaster will briefly describe what it does or at least what it is (which may or may not be helpful). The Analyze option can also conduct blood tests if you lack other tools (reagent scanner, upgraded health analyzer): draw blood and analyze it with the CheMaster in the pharmacy.

When creating pills, patches, or ampoules, you'll be prompted to choose how many units are in each one (multiple pill/patch options only), as well as the label (which will show up as "<what you wrote> pill/patch" or "ampoule(<what you wrote>)"). Pill bottles and patch boxes work slightly differently from other containers. To get a pill or patch, click on the bottle resp. box with an empty hand while it is in your other hand. Pill bottles can be emptied by clicking the bottle with the hand holding it, dumping all pills on the floor. Patch boxes have to be opened before you can manipulate the contents.

ChemiCompilerStationary.png ChemiCompiler: See the section below.

LabCounter.png Lab Counter: Can hold tons and tons and tons of beakers, bottles, pills, syringes, tools, and such in its table drawer. Click-drag its sprite onto yours to access it.

LargeBeaker.png Beaker.png Beakers: Holds chemicals. Standard ones hold 50 units, large ones 100. Click on another beaker or similar while the beaker is in your hand to transfer up to 10 units of chems into it. Click-drag its sprite into another beaker or similar (neither have to be in your hand) to transfer as many reagents as possible into the receiving beaker.

  • Note: Generally, the exact contents of beakers and other reagent containers can't be examined directly. A pair of spectroscopic goggles or a reagent scanner (PDA or separate) are recommended.

KitchenwareRecyclerNew.png Glass Recycler: Put glass shards and glassware into it to make other, bigger types of glassware. Most useful for creating large beakers.

MonkeyVendingMachine.png ValuChimp: Dispenses monkeys, a valuable commodity for the modern scientist.


Main article: ChemiCompiler

A complicated chemistry device, which uses a programming language derived from Brainfuck. It features 5 registers, 1024 bytes of RAM and 10 reagent reservoirs - to add beakers, click on the r[number] slots. It also has a pill generator, a vial generator and an ejection port.


* ptr = data pointer (16-bit) (Data is 0-indexed.)
* iptr = instruction pointer (16-bit) (1-indexed.)
* sx = source register (8-bit) (Valid sources are 1-10 for the 1 through 10 reagent reservoirs.)
* tx = target register (16-bit) (Valid targets are reservoirs as above, or 11 for pill generator, 12 for vial generator, or 13 for ejection port.)
* ax = amount register (16-bit)


* > = ++ptr
* < = --ptr
* + = ++*ptr
* - = --*ptr
* [ = while (*ptr) {
* ] = }
* { = mov sx *ptr
* } = mov *ptr sx
* ( = mov tx *ptr
* ) = mov *ptr tx
* ^ = mov ax *ptr
* ' = mov *ptr ax
* $ = Heat or cool reagent in sx to ((273 - tx) + ax) Kelvin.
* @ = Transfer ax units of reagent from reservoir sx to resevoir tx.
* ~ = "Compile" the code, so it cannot be retrieved again via the load button.

Both the heating and transferring steps are delayed. Heating takes as long as the chemistry lab heater would take. Transferring reagents takes 1/4 * amount seconds. The machine generates a pill or vial if they are targeted, or sends reagents out the ejection port.

Note: The portable version of the ChemiCompiler only has 6 reagent reservoirs.

Ok so how do I make napalm?

Hold your horses, pyromaniacs. First things first, we need to discuss some important... *groan* safety tips:

  • Mix potentially-explosive chemicals in the Test Chamber. One is the tiny room in the page image and another is due north of the lab, both with reinforced floors and walls that can tank explosions better. Keeping other scientists and the mixing lab out of the collateral damage is one less reason for them to murder you leave you to fry from your own fireball for potentially ruining their round. And if you can't mix the explosive stuff in another room, at the very least warn your colleagues before you do it.
  • Always wear your standard-issue gas mask and a biosuit + bio hood from the closets. This can't be stressed enough; some chemicals are accompanied with a "The solution generates a strong vapor!" message upon successful mixing, giving everyone adjacent to the tile a big whiff of the chemical that was just mixed on it. The full gas mask/biosuit set immunizes you to this and most chemical smokes and TOUCH reactions, protecting you from your colleagues' shenanigans as well as your own. There is no reason not to do this unless you're trying to choke on your own poisons.
  • Pay attention to what other scientists are doing and don't get in their way. For example, if someone places a beaker into a reagent heater and runs away from it, he's probably anticipating a fireball or smoke of some degree and it's wise not to go look at, lest you get a face-full of it.
  • Make liberal use of stabilizing agent. If you see a recipe that mentions stabilizing agent, always use it when mixing the recipe in question so it doesn't literally blow up in your face. It's a good practice to do this for recipes you're unfamiliar with. Be wary, however, that stabilizing agent doesn't work with everything - these cases should be mixed in the aforementioned test chamber.
  • Test harmful or unknown chemicals on monkeys, NOT other people. This is why you have the ValuChimp. Monkeys are NPCs with damage counters just like that of a human's, so they'll provide an accurate representation of what would happen if you use that chemical mix on a human. This is doubly important if you're a round antagonist, as you will need to make sure your deathchems actually cause death instead of just provoking your target into toolboxing you.

Got all that? Good. Now we can get started with the pyromania.

A lot of recipes are very similar to their real-world counterparts. There are also many sci-fi concoctions to discover and experiment with. And, if all else fails, add plasma, since it'll usually make something happen.

Preliminary information that u need 2 know!!

Things that repeat in standard intervals are handled by loop controllers. The mob loop encapsulates most of the things that humans and cyborgs have for repeating code. One of the major things there is the life process. Life process is programmed to run in 4 second intervals governed by the mob loop.

However, the life loop doesn't always tick every 4 seconds exactly, sometimes due to the game deliberately slowing itself down when the server is under stress, sometimes due to lag (occasionally itself due to the life loop consuming so much CPU). To compensate for these time fluctuations, the chem's on-life effects are multiplied by a number, logically called a multiplier, which changes based on how much time has actually passed. All chems are coded assuming a 2 second time frame, an artifact of the old system where the life loop ticked every 2 seconds, so the multiplier is usually around 2, but it can and does change, and a few chems' multipliers work somewhat differently.

So if a chemical does 2 toxin damage each time life is called, it'll do 4 damage every four seconds. With a depletion rate of 1, it'll deplete 2 units every four seconds, and so on and so on. These values can be and often will be different depending on server lag. Chemicals will last longer if they have a lower depletion rate. Chems that reduce other chems will reduce the listed amount per cycle. If not explicitly stated, chems default to a depletion rate of 0.4 units per cycle.

Some chemicals have one or multiple special effects when applied to a mob, and the difference can be quite significant. You should always pay close attention to the unique properties of the reagent(s) you want to synthesize or use.

Plant-specific effects apply to everything growing in a hydroponics tray.

Base Elements

Not everything that comes out of the chem dispenser is inert, some have their own quirks that you should watch out for.

Reagent Dep. rate Pen. skin? Per life cycle Immediate effect upon application Per plant cycle
(plant tray)
Addict prob. Notes
Barium 0.4 No Explodes when mixed with water (1x1, low severity). Does not scale with volume. Most people won't bat an eye when they see plain old water, though, so it makes for an interesting stealth explosive.
Carbon 0.4 No 5+ UNITS: Creates dirt when applied to floor tiles.
Calcium 0.4 No
Chlorine 0.4 Yes +1 BURN +3 POISON
Ethanol 0.05 No 100+ UNITS - 8% chance of +1/+2 TOX, slurred speech, dizziness, drowsiness, blurred vision and other effects.
300+ UNITS - 5% chance of extra +1/+2 TOX.
4% Every single brand of alcohol decays into this. The more potent the alcohol, the more ethanol it builds up in you. Higher amounts of ethanol have more severe consequences.
Fluorine 0.4 Yes +1 BURN, +1 TOX +3 POISON
Helium 0.4 No Does what you'd expect. Harmless. Can be obtained from helium tanks.
Iron 0.4 No Regenerates blood half a unit a time, 10% change of -1 OXY

OVERDOSE (20) Causes +1 TOX, 5% chance of vomiting, stun, and a further +10 TOX
Basically a shittier version of Filgrastim with more side effects.
Lithium 0.4 No Drooling and confused movement. Can also be extracted from omega weed.
Magnesium 0.4 No 10+ UNITS: Creates piles of magnesium when applied to floor tiles. Piles ignite when exposed to a temperature higher than 747 K, but the fire isn't hot enough to set alight non-flammable materials or burn through the floor. They do however also ignite nearby piles, so you could make a line of magnesium and use it as a fuse for other pyrotechnic reagents.
Mercury 0.2 Yes (0.2 per 1 unit splashed) 70% chance of +1 BRAIN Can also be extracted from omega weed.
Oxygen 0.4 No None None This might seem amazingly inert for a substance that is vital to your life, but think of it this way: What is the effect of this oxygen over the oxygen already in your Blood?
Phosphorus 0.4 No 66% chance of +1 GROWTH
Potassium 0.4 No Explodes when mixed with water (1x1, low severity). Does not scale with volume. 40% chance of +1 GROWTH, +1 HEALTH Most people won't bat an eye when they see plain old water, though, so it makes for an interesting stealth explosive. Can also be extracted from bananas.
Radium 0.4 Yes (0.5 per 1 unit splashed) +4 RAD (capped at 8 Gy) Temporarily creates an eerie green glow when applied to floor tiles. 80% chance of +3 RAD, 16% of a random mutation Radiation is cumulative and depletes one per cycle. As it ramps up, it starts doing BURN + TOX in increasing amounts related to the radiation total, causes random mutations (often disabilities) and triggers a bunch of other nasty radiation sickness effects. A sleepy pen full of radium is pretty lethal over a few minutes.
Silver 0.4 No Dipping a pair of handcuffs in a container with at least 50 units of silver creates silver handcuffs. Dipping some ammo in a container with at least 20 units gives them a silver brand, granting them extra damage against werewolves.
Sugar 0.4 No Jitteriness, minor stamina regeneration buff. Reduces duration of incoming Weaken, Stunned, and Paralyzed debuffs by 4%, 4% chance to produce a unit of epinephrine.

OVERDOSE (200) - hyperglycaemic shock, 8% chance of +1/+2 TOX.
Having a bit of sugar in you gives you a small stun reduction and stamina buff. Can also be extracted from sugarcane.
Water 0.4 No Explodes when mixed with potassium (1x1, low severity). Does not scale with volume. 3+ UNITS: Temporarily creates a slippery surface when applied to floor tiles.

TOUCH - Reduces the BURNING var when splashed onto people, objects or turfs that are on fire.
Essential for plant growth to occur at all. Freezes when cooled (0° C), boils away when heated (100 °C). Can also be extracted from melons.

Basic compounds

Basic starting recipes. Most are pointless on their own, but they're all ingredients in the vast majority of chemicals in the world of SS13, so it's good to memorize them.

Reagent Recipe Pen. skin? Per life cycle Immediate effect upon application Per plant cycle
(plant tray)
Acetone Oil + Welding Fuel + Oxygen No +1.5 TOX Common ingredient in other recipes.
Ammonia Urine + Water @ 354 K OR Hydrogen + Nitrogen No +4 GROWTH, 66% chance of +1 HEALTH. Removes a variable amount (up to 4 units) of any other reagent; ratio is based on combined volume of all reagents in the tray. Fertilizer, and an ingredient in a lot of other chems.
Ash Burn paper, collect the ash with a beaker. OR Paper @ 424K No 80% chance of +1 HEALTH OR +1 GROWTH Fertilizer, and basic ingredient in a couple of recipes. You'll get 5 units of ash per 10 units of oil.
Compost Stuff produce into a compost tank. No 66% chance of +1 HEALTH Fertilizer.
Diethylamine Ammonia + Ethanol @ 374 K No 66% chance of +2 GROWTH Used for certain medical recipes and as fertilizer.
Phenol Water + Chlorine + Oil No Used for certain medical recipes.
Potash Ash + Water @ 354 K OR Potassium + Chlorine + Sulfuric Acid No 50% chance of +1 HEALTH, +1 GROWTH. 24% of +1 CROPSIZE, -1 HARVESTS Fertilizer.
Salt Water + Chlorine + Sodium No OVERDOSE (100) - 70% chance of +1 BRAIN, 8% of +1/+2 TOX. 10+ UNITS: Creates a salt pile when applied to floor tiles. Useful as a weapon against wraiths and as an easy poison.
Saltpetre Potash + Urine + Compost No 80% chance of +3 HEALTH OR +3 GROWTH. 50% of +1 POTENCY, 24% of -1 CROPSIZE Fertilizer.
Space Cleaner Ammonia + Ethanol + Water No OVERDOSE (5) - 8% chance of +1/+2 TOX. TOUCH - Removes cleanable messes and forensic evidence when splashed onto people, objects or turfs. Cleans stuff.
Stabilizing Agent
Iron + Oxygen + Hydrogen No Keeps unstable chemicals stable. This does not work on everything.

Medical Chems

A malignant scientist is expected to hurt people. A benevolent one is expected to heal people. If you're the latter, then this chart is your best friend.

Reagent Recipe Dep. rate Pen. skin? Per life cycle Immediate effect upon application Per plant cycle
(plant tray)
Addict prob. Notes
Ammonium Bicarbonate
(Smelling Salts)
Ammonia + Carbon + Oxygen @ 374 K 0.4 No 30% chance of -1 RAD, 5% or +1 TOX

If below -5 to -30 health: -1 TOX, -1 BRUTE, -1 Burn
Moderate stamina regeneration boost Radiation is cumulative and causes TOX and BURN.
Antihol Ethanol + Charcoal 0.4 No Raises ethanol depletion rates by 8.

If below +25 health: -2 TOX
Sober someone up in a hurry. Nefarious people sometimes spike other poisons with ethanol or booze reagents to sabotage charcoal treatments.
Atropine Ethanol + Acetone + Diethylamine + Phenol + Sulfuric Acid. Venne mutation or omega weed. 0.2 No Dizziness, confused movement, total stamina decrease, warms you up slightly when cold. Attempts to cap OXY at 65 and LOSEBREATH at 5. Rolls a chance to fix cardiac failure. Increases depletion rate of sarin by 20.

If below -25 health: -1 TOX, -3 BRUTE, -3 BURN, -2 BRAIN

If above 15 health AND TOX damage > 70: +1 TOX

OVERDOSE (25) - 8% chance of +1/+2 TOX
Fairly similar to epinephrine but will rapidly push deep-crit damage levels towards shallow crit levels. Use this if you find someone who is right at the edge of death. Flushes sarin extremely rapidly. Atropine alone doesn't really kill people but it's a pretty decent debilitating poison if you wanna use it that way.
Calomel Mercury + Chlorine @ 374 K 0.8 No Increases all depletion rates by 5.

If above +20 health: +5 TOX
Aggressive purgative. It'll do a lot of TOX damage itself but it cannot kill you, as the damage only applies while you are above the health threshold. Use for emergencies to handle the really aggressive poisons that would definitely kill you if they remain active for long.
Charcoal Ash + Salt @ 374 K or venne. 0.4 No -1.5 TOX. -2 kidney, stomach, intestines, and liver damage. 50% chance of increasing the depletion rate of all other chems by 1. Removes 2 units of every harmful chem present (toxin, toxic slurry, sulf. acid, plasma, mercury, welding fuel, chlorine, radium) Good baseline thing for detoxifying someone, but won't always keep up with the hellpoisons.
Chicken Soup N/A. Vending machines. 0.2 No 10% chance each of curing the common cold, influenza, avian flu, and food poisoning Safe remedy for minor diseases.
Cryoxadone Cryostylane + Plasma + Acetone + Unstable Mutagen 0.4 No If body temp below 260 K: -10 OXY, -3 TOX, -12 BRUTE, -12 BURN, -1 all organ damage Requires cooling the target before it kicks in, but heals incredibly well. The cryo tanks in medbay use this.

Note: Don't cool down someone who is currently on fire, put them out first. Due to the way BURN damage is handled, cooling a flaming person will make the fire worse and cause more damage than even the cryoxadone can keep up with.
Oil + Carbon + Bromine + Diethylamine + Ethanol 0.4 No Reduces jitteriness, significant stamina regeneration nerf. Increases depletion rates of histamine and itching powder by 3. 3% chance of stunning briefly and causing drowsiness. 10% Mostly used as a precursor to a couple of the illegal drugs. Might be needed for bee stings, histamine poisonings or itching powder.
Ephedrine Sugar(2) + Oil(2) + Hydrogen(2) + Diethylamine(1) => Ephedrine (3). Asomna or omega weed. Also availiable in Grife-O soda. 0.3 No Reduces duration of incoming Weaken, Stunned, & Paralyzed debuffs by 10%, minor stamina regeneration buff, causes jitteriness, reduces drowsiness, warms you up slightly. Attempts to cap LOSEBREATH at 3. Heals 1 OXY if OXY damage > 75.

If above 0 health: 33% chance of -1 BRUTE, -1 BURN. 8% of -1 TOX
If below 0 health: -1 BRUTE, -1 BURN. 25% of -1 TOX

OVERDOSE (35) - 8% chance of +1/+2 TOX, 15% of extra +1/+2 TOX. 5% of stunning briefly and causing dizziness.
25% It's pretty much just a weaker analogue of medbay's epinephrine, but it's addictive and has a few more side effects.
Epinephrine Phenol + Hydrogen + Oxygen + Chlorine + Acetone + Diethylamine 0.2 No Reduces duration of incoming Weaken, Stunned, & Paralyzed debuffs by 3%, minor stamina regeneration buff, causes jitteriness, reduces drowsiness, warms you up slightly. Increases depletion rate of histamine by 15. Attempts to cap LOSEBREATH at 3 and OXY at 35. 5% chance of -1 BRAIN. Rolls a chance to fix cardiac failure. Slows down progression of sarin by 20%.

If health is between -10 to -65, heals 1 TOX, 1 BRUTE, 1 BURN.

OVERDOSE (20) - 8% chance of +1/+2 TOX, 5% of stunning briefly and causing dizziness.
Can make you pretty sick in overdoses. Rapidly counters histamine / allergic reactions. Very useful for stabilizing someone who is in mid-crit damage, standard emergency shot to buy yourself some time. If things are really bad, go for atropine instead.
Ether Hydrochloric Acid + Ethanol + Oxygen 0.4 No See notes. Behaves almost exactly the same as morphine, minus the speed bonus.
Filgrastim Blood + Stable Mutagen + Spaceacillin + E.Coli 0.2 No +2u blood. A granulocyte colony stimulating factor analog, which helps the body create more blood.
Hairgrownium Carpet + Synthflesh + Ephedrine. Nureous mutation or omega weed. 0.4 Yes 10% chance of growing a full set of hair. Great cure for baldness.
Haloperidol Chlorine + Fluorine + Aluminium + Potassium Iodide + Oil or omega weed and Dr. Pubber. 0.4 No Increases depletion rates for most stimulating/hallucinogenic drugs by 5. Reduces druggy effects and jitteriness. Severe stamina regeneration penalty, causes drowsiness. 20% chance of +1 BRAIN. 5% of curing space madness and berserker. Treat it like a general anti-psychotic. Useful for treating/neutralizing drugged-up maniacs.
Heparin Sugar + Meat Slurry + Phenol + Sulfuric Acid 0.4 No Will cause any bleeding to become worse, but will try to cure heart disease, dislodge blood clots, and will reduce the effects of hypertension. Removes 2u of cholesterol as well.

OVERDOSE (20) - you blood fall out
An anticoagulant.
Hunchback Bourbon + Cola + Tomato Juice 0.4 No Increases all depletion rates by 8. 10% chance of contracting food poisoning.

If above +10 health: +2 TOX
Flushes other chemicals more rapidly than calomel, but does so at significant risk to the consumer. Aside from constant and violent vomiting, the health cap and depletion rate are significantly lower.
Insulin N/A. Vendors and Pro Puffs. 0.4 No Raises sugar depletion rates by 5. Handles hyperglycaemic coma.
Lexorin N/A. Pro Puffs. 0.2 No +1 TOX, removes the need to breathe. A more dangerous version of perfluorodecalin that allows you to talk in space without using internals, but deals TOX damage over time.
Mannitol Sugar + Hydrogen + Water or venne mutation. 0.4 No -3 BRAIN Use for concussions, changeling stings, bible beatings, flatline brain damage, bath salts, etc.
Menthol Mint + Ethanol @ 324 K or distilling mint. 0.1 No Tries to return high body temps towards normal, 55% chance of -2 BURN. Use for minor burn damage.
Morphine Extract from poppies.
Obtain from NanoMed Plus vendors, Dr. Pubber, and Medical: Medical Reservoir Crates.
0.4 No Dramatically counters movement reduction from severe injury, severe stamina regeneration penalty, reduces jitteriness. Will knock you out on 36th cycle.

OVERDOSE (20) - 8% chance of +1/+2 TOX.
50% Low doses are useful for the painkiller, but high doses can knock someone out for a while.
Mugwort N/A. Wizard shuttle. 0.4 No INGEST - If target is wizard: 85% chance of -1 LOSEBREATH. 45% chances for each of -1 OXY, -1 TOX, -6 BRUTE and -6 BURN. Removes 5 units of sarin. Can patch up minor injuries of magic users.
Mutadone Unstable Mutagen + Acetone + Bromine or venne mutation. 0.4 No Removes one genetic bioeffect. Some mutations cannot be cured by mutadone, however. 20% chance of -5 GROWTH. 50% of inducing one of these effects: -1 GROWTIME, -1 HARVTIME, +1 HARVESTS, +1 CROPSIZE, +1 POTENCY or +1 ENDURANCE Did someone turn you into a gibbering chavish deaf dwarven lunatic? Take this. Giving this to someone with superpowers will really ruin their day.
Oculine Atropine + Spaceacillin + Saline-Glucose Solution or venne mutation. 0.4 Yes 80% chance of reducing blurred vision as well as eye and ear damage by 1, 50% of curing nearsightedness, 30% of curing blindness

If ear damage is less than 25: 30% chance of healing deafness
Not typically needed unless some jerk is using a lot of flashbangs. It's a rare situation, but giving them oculine might be their saving grace.
Omnizine N/A. Extract from white weed and glowing fruits. Eat some warm donk pockets and/or spaghetti arrabbiata and draw out your blood. 0.2 No -2 BRUTE, -2 BURN, -1 TOX, -1 OXY, -2 all organ damage. 50% chance of -1 LOSEBREATH, 33% of -1 BLEEDING.

OVERDOSE (30) - Stuttering, dizziness, jitteriness, random stuns and confused movement. 8% chance of +1/+2 TOX.
5% Slightly addictive, but is otherwise an amazing cure-all. Medbay will love the botanists if they supply them with it. Omnizine-laced Pro Puffs and the two dishes deliver a small dose of omnizine when used. Less ideal than botany, but it could save you in a pinch.
Pentetic Acid Welding Fuel + Chlorine + Ammonia + Formaldehyde + Sodium + Cyanide 0.4 No -7 RAD, increases all depletion rates by 4. -2 kidney, stomach, intestines, and liver damage. 75% chance of -4 TOX, 33% of +1 BRUTE, +1 BURN. Apex anti-tox/anti-rad treatment.
Perfluorodecalin Hydrogen + Fluorine + Oil @ 374 K 0.4 No -25 OXY, -2 lung & spleen damage, 33% chance of -1 BRUTE and -1 BURN. Increases LOSEBREATH to and caps it at 6. Prevents any suffocation damage from racking up despite that. 20% Fantastic for pretty much negating all the accumulative damage from being in critical, will give you a really wide window of time to deal with other health problems. In theory, you could stay in flatline for quite awhile with this stuff handling tissue oxygenation, but you might need mannitol too. Can make spacewalking without internals possible.
Pickle juice N/A. Extract from pickles 0.4 No 15% chance to decay into antihol

Separate 15% chance to decay into charcoal
A poor man's antihol, courtesy of Hydroponics and the Chef.
Potassium Iodide Potassium + Iodine or nureous. 0.4 No 80% chance of -1 RAD

Chance to heal TOX
Radiation is cumulative and causes TOX and BURN. Simple and weak, but can help counter radiation events and radium somewhat.
Proconvertin Blood + Stable Mutagen + Mannitol + Salt 0.3 No 5% chance of -1 BLEEDING. 2% chance to cause a blood clot. Increases blood pressure and can worsen existing blood clots. A coagulant.
Robustissin Menthol + Morphine + Hydrogen + Acetone
Menthol + Oil + Antihistamine + Salicylic Acid
Find inside randomly-named space cola.
0.4 No Separate 25% chances of curing the 10% chance each of curing the common cold, both regular flu and avian flu, and food poisoning.

OVERDOSE (30) - Pretty colors, occasional giggling, yawning, and smiling. Chance of inflicting TOX damage, brief bouts of confused movement, and/or moderately long (<10 seconds) knock-down.
Space Robitussin (aka dextromethorphan), complete with fun overdose effects!
Salbutamol Salicylic Acid + Lithium + Aluminium + Bromine + Ammonia or contusine mutation. 0.2 No -6 OXY, -4 LOSEBREATH, -2 lung & spleen damage. Speeds up recovery from suffocation damage, but more importantly, it'll help counter suffocating/losebreath poisons and the suffocation that ramps up in critical health. Often underused emergency med that makes dealing with critical-health people a lot easier since OXY damage is usually what kills in-crit patients in the end.
Salicylic Acid
Sodium + Phenol + Carbon + Oxygen + Sulfuric Acid or contusine. 0.1 No Tries to return high body temps towards normal, counters walkspeed loss from being hurt fairly well. 55% chance of -2 BRUTE.

OVERDOSE (25) - 8% chance of +1/+2 TOX.
Got beat up a bit and don't want to crawl the whole way to medbay? Pop one of these. Won't help severe damage, but it'll keep you moving at top speed so you can rush for the better healing chems. Slow depletion rate will keep it in your blood for awhile.
Saline-Glucose Solution Salt + Water + Sugar 0.15 Yes 33% chance of -2 BRUTE, -2 BURN. 33% chance of regenerating 1 unit of blood. Rolls a chance to fix shock. Decent med for healing a respectable amount of BRUTE/BURN damage over time and for stabilizing low-crit patients.
Silver Sulfadiazine Ammonia + Silver + Sulfur + Oxygen + Chlorine or commol. 3 No -2 BURN TOUCH - Heals 1 BURN per unit applied.

INGEST - Causes 0.5 TOX per unit ingested.
The go-to BURN medication. It depletes rapidly in the blood, so most of your healing will come upfront from a topical application. Ingesting it doesn't work nearly as well and even causes a fair bit of TOX damage, so don't do that.
Simethicone Hydrogen + Chlorine+ Silicon + Oxygen 0.4 No Makes the victim unable to fart. Fiendish. Truly fiendish.
Space ipecac N/A. Comes in pill form from NanoMed Plus machines. 0.8 No Approximately 50% chance to induce vomiting.

Chance to cause TOX damage.

Chance to cause food poisoning.
Think the last thing you just ate was poisoned? Take this to vomit it out as a half-digested food chunk containing a portion of whatever reagents were in it. Naturally, this'll stop you from ingesting whatever poisons were in said meal. If you've eaten multiple things, the most recent item (i.e. what you ate last) is vomited out.
Spaceacillin Space Fungus + Ethanol 0.2 No Rolls a chance to cure some specific diseases, such as MRSA and grave fever. You probably won't use this much unless some Vampire is giving people grave fever. Space fungus, which mostly grows in maintenance tunnels, is acquired by scraping it off walls with your beaker.
Strange Reagent Omnizine + Holy Water + Unstable Mutagen 0.2 No 10% chance of +2 BRUTE and +2 TOX INGEST - Can reanimate the dead. If the corpse is rotten or has more than 150 combined BRUTE+BURN, the body will be gibbed, and a corpse with too much BRAIN damage will immediately drop dead again.

TOUCH - Resurrects critters.
While SR can revive players, it will only heal their OXY damage upon successful revival. Actual doctoring is still necessary after they come back to life.
Styptic Powder Aluminium + Hydrogen + Oxygen + Sulfuric Acid 3 No -2 BRUTE TOUCH - Heals 1 BRUTE per unit applied. Can reduce BLEEDING by up to 5.

INGEST - Causes 0.5 TOX per unit ingested.
The BRUTE damage equivalent of silver sulfadizine, so the same application methods still apply: only go for topical doses.
Super Hairgrownium Iron + Methamphetamine + Hairgrownium 0.4 Yes Grows tremendous hair and a fake moustache that instantly regrows when removed.
Synthflesh Blood + Carbon + Styptic Powder 0.4 No 5+ UNITS: Creates slippery gibs when applied to floor tiles.

TOUCH - Heals 1.5 BRUTE and 1.5 BURN per unit applied. Instantly heals all BLEEDING.
An excellent fixer of BRUTE, BURN and BLEEDING, it's a surprise that it isn't used more. The doctors will love you if you supply medbay with patches full of this.
Teporone Silicon + Acetone + Plasma 0.4 No Attempts to return body temp to normal in ten degree increments. Causes jitteriness.

OVERDOSE (50) - 8% chance of +1/+2 TOX.
20% Not really ever used much, but spacewalking cocktails might need it.
Triple citrus Lemon juice + Lime juice + Orange juice 0.4 No INGEST - Heals 1-2 TOX damage A basic TOX-healer a Barman or clever Botanist could easily/readily make.
Yobihodazine N/A. Spaced rum. 0.4 No Attempts to return body temp to normal in ten degree increments. Prevents OXY damage (but not LOSEBREATH). 20% chance of +1 BRAIN. 20% Another legacy spacewalking chem.

Poisons and Toxic Shit

The bad stuff. This is where you'll learn the fine art of poisoning, and there is no shortage of poisons to use.

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The following information may be incomplete.
Verify the amanitin formula. Does it still follow the old elapsed cycles + rand(2,4) formula or the new elapsed cycles + rand(2,3) one where elapsed cycles ramps up more quickly?
Reagent Recipe Dep. rate Pen. skin? Per life cycle Immediate effect upon application Per plant cycle
(plant tray)
Addict prob. Notes
Acetaldehyde Chromium + Oxygen + Copper + Ethanol @ 549 K 0.4 Yes +1 BURN +4 POISON Basic poison.
Aconitum Extract from aconite flowers. 0.4 No +2 TOX. 10% chance of stun and extra +2 TOX, 8% chance of +1 LOSEBREATH Toxic + suffocation, behaves like a weaker coniine.
Amanitin N/A. Syndicate sauce, poison bottles, mutant mushrooms. 0.4 No Delayed, dose-specific. On the last cycle that it's in you, it hits you with a stack of TOX damage based on elapsed cycles + rand(2,3). The more you use, the longer it takes before anything happens, but the harder it hits when it does. This is a stealth poison. With large doses your target can consume something poisoned, walk around for a few minutes minding their own business, and then abruptly die with no real warning. Very devious to use.
Ants N/A. It accumulates on floor tiles that foodstuffs have been left on, indicated with a animated sprite. 0.4 No +2 BRUTE TOUCH/INGEST - Does 4 BRUTE damage Use a beaker on the sprite to collect ants. In the blood stream, the victim takes BRUTE damage every cycle, so it can be slow and lethal if you have the patience to collect enough ants. A mostly harmless prank chem overall.
Chlorine + Hydrogen + Nitrogen 0.4 No +2 TOX If plant species is weed: +2 POISON, -3 GROWTH Pretty much a generic toxin. Botany has a bunch of it right away.
Capulettium Neurotoxin + Chlorine + Hydrogen 0.4 No Causes blurred vision and drowsiness. Knocks the victim out and makes them appear dead on 11th cycle, up to a maximum duration of 2 min (not cumulative). A niche or gimmick reagent at best, but it might scare somebody if they don't know what's going on.
Capulettium plus Capulettium + Methamphetamine + Ephedrine 0.4 No Instant and ongoing vocal paralysis until chemical fully depletes, also prevents the use of all emotes. Makes the victim appear dead if they're laying down or sleeping. This essentially lets you play possum. You're unable to speak (excluding telepathy or machine talk), but you can make yourself appear dead in a pinch. Know someone is hunting you? Inject yourself with this just before they find you, lay down and they'll mistake you for a corpse! You retain full consciousness and control of your body, so you can back up and ambush them when they least suspect it.
Capsaicin N/A. Spaghetti arrabbiata. Extracted from any chili and omega cannabis leaves. 0.4 No Stuttering, increases body temperature slightly. 10% chance of stunning briefly.

20+ UNITS: 10% of up to +10 OXY.
TOUCH - Causes blurred vision, confused movement, short stun (blocked by masks). 50% chance of temporary blindness.

INGEST - Stuttering. 80+ UNITS: medium-duration stun
1% Crowd dispersal grenades contain this.
Cholesterol N/A. Extracted from many meat dishes. 0.4 No Minor total stamina penalty

OVERDOSE (25) - Scales with dose.
25+ UNITS: ~5% chance of up to +2 TOX, odd feelings in chest.
45+ UNITS: ~7% of up to +4 TOX, chest pains & aches.
125+ UNITS: ~2% of medium-duration stun and cardiac failure, painful burning sensation in chest
Turns a non-special blob tile into a lipid cell Not very dangerous in low quantities, though it does have fun overdose messages. A side-effect of consuming too many meaty dishes.
Coniine N/A. Poison bottles. 0.05 No +2 TOX, +5 LOSEBREATH A small dose can kill in under a minute. LOSEBREATH makes the victim unable to talk - they'll take suffocation rapid damage and be unable to say anything over the radio.
Curare N/A. Poison bottles or contusine mutation. 0.1 Yes +1 TOX, +1 OXY, blurred vision. Causes drowsiness and permastuns the victim on 11th cycle, 8% chance of +1 LOSEBREATH It won't knock them out, but it will make them unable to move. Could be used to kidnap people or just disable them and scare the hell out of them.
Cyanide Oil + Ammonia + Oxygen @ 374 K, poison bottles or deathweed. 0.1 Yes +1.5 TOX. 10% chance of +1 LOSEBREATH, 8% of stun and extra +2 TOX A couple of common chem recipes can produce this if poorly mixed, and production of cyanide will dose nearby people if they aren't wearing gas masks. Also a fairly easy poison. Balanced to be mostly a slow and scary killer, but if they get to medbay, it's not that hard to deal with. Suffocation damage can rack up faster than TOX depending on how the RNG rolls.
Dragon's Breath Secret! 1 No Decays into 5 units of ethanol. 50% chance of stunning briefly, 8% chances of various funny text messages.

Severe effects scale with volume: [0.2% * volume] chance of +99 BURNING if victim is already on fire, [0.1% * volume] chance of burning them up completely (fire-gibbed)
INGEST - If already on fire: 20% chance of +30 BURNING Neutralized by milk. You need hundreds units for the instadeath chance to be noticeable, but a sleepy pen's worth still has disastrous effects on the liver.
Freeze Secret! 1 No Decays into 3 units of ethanol, lowers body temperature by 10 Kelvin. 40% chance of 2 BURN damage, 20% chance of brief stun, 15% chance of coughing, sneezing, and/or gasping, 10% chance of "chilling" messages.

[0.1% * volume] chance of freezing up into an ice statue.
Chocolate neutralizes freeze, removing all traces of it in the body. LikeDragon's Breath, it's fun to put in a sleepy pen. Try combining the two!
(Embalming Fluid)
Ethanol (1) + Oxygen (1) + Silver (1) @ 424K => Formaldehyde (2) 0.4 Yes +1 TOX, 10% chance of decaying into up to 15 units of histamine +4 POISON Inject into a corpse to prevent decomposition. The high chance of decaying into histamine makes it a really mean poison if you want to use it that way.
Glitter (not harmful) Platinum + Paper + Colorful Reagent 0.1 Yes Glitter particle effect. 5+ UNITS: Creates glitter when applied to floor tiles. Makes your mob glitter.
Glitter (harmful) Silver + Itching Powder + Colorful Reagent + Paper 0.1 Yes Glitter particle effect. 10% chance of +1 BRUTE, 5% of +2 BRUTE. 1% of decaying into 1 unit of histamine 5+ UNITS: Creates glitter when applied to floor tiles. Makes your mob glitter. Occasional BRUTE damage from scratching, similar to itching powder.
Ghost Chili Juice N/A. Ghostlier chili. 0.4 No 50% chance of stunning briefly. 33% of throwing up, removing the remaining amount of GCJ from the bloodstream. 10% of setting the victim alight, 5% of burning them up completely (fire-gibbed) Neutralized by milk. Can be effective in a sleepy pen if the RNG is on your side.
Glowing Slurry N/A. Omega slurrypods. 0.4 No +2 RAD. 15% chance of bad mutation, 3% of good mutation TOUCH - 50% of bad mutation

INGEST - 100% of bad mutation
One random mutation, up to -2 GROWTH Scrambles your genes to hell and back.
Grog Secret! 0.4 No Decays into 20 units of ethanol. 15% chance of +1 TOX. Makes you a pirate captain complete with dreadlocks, full beard, eyepatch and matching name.

TOUCH - 75% chance of +25 BRUTE and disfiguring the victim's face, 25% of +5 BRUTE. 20% chance of melting items.
More of a gimmick chem than legitimately destructive.
Histamine N/A. Bee/wasp stings, Omega weed, byproduct of certain reagents. 0.2 No 10% chance of blurred vision OR +1 BRUTE, 5% of +2 BRUTE

IF HYPERALLERGIC TRAIT: Creates additional units of histamine, starting at 2. More histamine means more units created.

OVERDOSE (40) - 8% chance of +1/+2 TOX. Scales with dose. Large doses have rapidly fatal effects simulating anaphylaxis and ramp up BRUTE, TOX and OXY damage across the board
Causes jitteriness

TOUCH - Transfer is capped at 10 units regardless of amount splashed
Dose-dependent, ranges from annoying to incredibly lethal. Epinephrine, methamphetamine and especially diphenhydamine will counteract it as targeted meds, but they are often not enough for hyperallergic trait people who've passed the overdose threshold.
Initropidril Secret! Also poison bottles. 0.4 No Major stamina regeneration buff. 33% chance of medium-duration stun OR up to +25 TOX. 10% of +10 OXY and +1 LOSEBREATH OR immediate cardiac arrest. RNG-based poison, can either kill you ridiculously fast or agonizingly slowly.
Itching Powder Ammonia + Welding Fuel + Space Fungus or omega weed. 0.3 Yes Lots of annoying random effects like jitteriness and stuns. 2-15% chances of up to +5 BRUTE. 6% of decaying into up to 3 units of histamine. Prank chem but can be debilitating as hell in large doses. A source of histamine.
Ketamine N/A. Sleepy pens and poison bottles. 0.8 Yes Significant total stamina penalty. Causes blurred vision, KOs on 11th cycle. Sleepy pens and Snoozebuddies come pre-loaded with this. A typical dose from one should last 6-8 minutes.
Lipolicide Mercury + Ephedrine + Diethylamine 0.2 No +1 TOX unless the victim keeps eating food. 10% chance of healing obesity. Deals massive damage to blob lipid cells. Mostly just annoying, but easy to get from weight-loss shakes.
Neurotoxin Space Drugs @ 674 K 1 No Causes jitteriness, dizziness, drowsiness and confused movement. +1 TOX, +1 BRAIN if total brain damage is less than 80 (10% chance otherwise).

Delayed poison. Ill effects will not be felt until the 5th cycle, and completely KO the victim on the 14th cycle.
One of the most debilitating chems in the game due to applying brain damage, confusion and constant knockouts all at once. Someone given a large dose will be lucky to be able to do anything. Its delayed effects make it one of the quickest and stealthiest knockout chems around. It's also one of horrible things that changelings and queen bees can sting you with.
Pancuronium N/A. Poison bottles, hacked NanoMeds, and derelict/emagged medibot injections. 0.2 No Severe total stamina penalty. Will permastun on 11th cycle.

If permastunned: 10% chance of +1 LOSEBREATH, 7% of +3 LOSEBREATH
A very nasty disabling poison for traitors to make use of, basically a much meaner curare. Also one of the reasons to run from derelict or emagged medibots, as they will inject you with it constantly if they catch you.
Polonium N/A. Poison bottles. 0.1 Yes +8 RAD 80% chance of +5 RAD, 25% of a random mutation Lasts a long time and ramps your cumulative radiation (causes TOX and BURN) way the hell up, very deadly.
Porktonium N/A. Extracted from everything that contains bacon. 0.2 No OVERDOSE (133) - 15% chance of metabolizing into up to 3 units of cholesterol, 8% of metabolizing into 15 units of radium and 10 units of cyanide Porktonium depletes fairly slowly and an overdose can be very lethal.
(Madness toxin)
Secret! Also poison bottles. 0.1 No +0.5 BRAIN, jitteriness, drowsiness, major stamina regeneration buff. KOs, then an AI takes over your mob on the 29th cycle, forcing you to attack people nearby (and occasionally yourself). Lots of scary text messages. You may be familiar with Syndicate NPCs, which can be summoned with telescience.(As of late, monkeys also use this AI, so be careful!) Rajaijah makes use of the same AI, which is quite robust. It can pick up, attack with and throw items from off the floor, can use firearms effectively, and is hard to pacify thanks to the stamina buff. Injecting somebody with this poison will KO them briefly after a couple of cycles. Once they wake up, the AI assumes control of the mob, turning the victim into an involuntary murder machine. They'll be unable to do anything about it until the poison wears off.

Note: Slapping a straight jacket on someone poisoned with rajaijah will neutralize them, letting you flush the poison safely.
Royal Initrobeedril Secret! Also poison bottles. 0.2 No +1 TOX, turns the victim yellow. 10-33% chances of stuns, +1 LOSEBREATH and up to +5 OXY. Gibs the victim on 26th cycle and leaves a queen bee behind. Royal initro essentially turns the victim's heart into a monstrous bee bearing their name. A very reliable killing method, though at least 5 units are required for a guaranteed kill and the giant red bee bearing the name of the victim is a huge red flag for the crew. The only cure is to inject something that forces it to deplete before it hits cycle 26.
Sarin Secret! Also poison bottles. 0.1 Yes +1 TOX, +1 BRAIN, +1 BURN. 5% chance of +1 LOSEBREATH, randomly causes stuns, blurred vision, jitteriness, confused movement and other effects. Permastuns on 60th cycle.

If permastunned: additional +5 LOSEBREATH, +1 BRAIN and +1 TOX

25+ UNITS: 8% chance of additional +1/+2 TOX
Bombards the victim with a lot of scary messages and can kill surprisingly quickly if left unchecked. Can be neutralized with atropine, or handled with epinephrine and wide-spectrum meds. Nuclear operatives start with a few grenades of this on the shuttle.

Be sure to have your biosuit hood when producing it, lest you huff up the cloud of sarin it creates upon synthesis. Cloud sizes scales with volume being created--perhaps you could weaponize this...?
Sodium Thiopental N/A. Poison bottles. 0.7 No Major total stamina penalty, reduces jitteriness. Random stuns, confused movement, drowsiness. 10% chance of +1 BRAIN. KOs the victim on 6th cycle. Like an incredibly fast-acting ketamine, but with slightly slower depletion; it also doesn't knock out for nearly as long once the chem wears off. The secret of Safari Kit darts.
Spiders Ingest ants + unstable mutagen and use the *dance emote OR see the recipe hint. 0.4 No 50% chance of +1 BRUTE. 10% chance of +2 BRUTE OR +5 BRUTE and brief stun OR 10% of +4 BRUTE and barfing up some spiders 5+ UNITS: Creates spiders when applied to floor tiles.

TOUCH/INGEST - You get spiders all over you! You also take +2 BRUTE.
Spider friends! Sometimes they're a bit grumpy, though.
Stable Mutagen Unstable Mutagen + Lithium + Bromine + Acetone OR Mutadone + Lithium 0.4 No If used in conjunction with blood, it will result in the person taking on the appearance and DNA of the blood's owner on the 10th cycle. 80% chance of up to -3 GROWTH, 16% of a random mutation The changeling's DNA sting works like this, for instance.
Sulfonal Acetone + Diethylamine + Sulfur 0.1 No +1 TOX. Minor total stamina penalty, drowsiness, reduces jitteriness. 20% chance of KO'ing the victim briefly after the 22th cycle. Puts someone out while slowly poisoning them to death. While it doesn't do a good job at keeping someone out until the chem has depleted, sulfonal is still very debilitating.
Strychnine Secret! 0.2 No Gives you an added 75 Stamina to your max while its in your system. On the 36th cycle begins to inflict Losebreath and OXY damage eventually followed by scary messages and brute damage. The intensity and frequency of damage ramps up linearly per tick. A crunchy and dramatic death. An amazing performance enhancer up until your muscles crush you like paper.
Toxic Slurry N/A. Slurrypods. 0.4 No 10% chance of up to 4 TOX, 7% of stunning briefly Mostly just annoying, but it can be deadly over time if the RNG cooperates.
Toxin N/A. Bee/wasp stings, rancid milk. 0.4 No +2 TOX +1 POISON The old generic toxin, still kicking around in few places.
Unstable Mutagen Radium + Plasma + Chlorine OR Epinephrine + Neurotoxin 0.3 No +2 RAD, 4% chance of a bad mutation TOUCH - 33% chance of a bad mutation

INGEST - 100% of a bad mutation
40% chance of -1 GROWTH, 24% of a random mutation Another solid, easy-level poison, though it's usually used as a precursor to other chems.
Uranium N/A 0.4 No +2 RAD +2 RAD, 24% chance of a random mutation Some vending machine junk contains this.
Venom N/A. Poison bottles or insect stings. 0.2 No +1 TOX, +1 BRUTE. 25% chance of decaying into up to 10 units of histamine.

20+ UNITS: +2 TOX and +2 BRUTE (total, not additionally)
40+ UNITS: 4% chance of gibbing the victim outright
Some of the unfriendly insectoid critters can inject you with this. Fermids are a notable one.

Disease Reagents

Overalls guy.png This page is under construction.
The following information may be incomplete.
Verify & update Units to infect thresholds.

Nastier stuff than most chemical poisons, these will leave a medical condition behind even after they fully deplete. They require a certain amount of units to infect someone, and the depletion rate must also be taken into account when administering a dose. To this end, all entries have been adjusted accordingly for easy reference.

For example: nanomachines: 1.5 (threshold) + 0.4 (depletion rate) = 1.9 (infection on the next life tick).

Reagent Recipe Pen. skin? Units to infect (adj.) Application effects Notes
Bee N/A. Space bee eggs. No 1.4 Infects the host with a space bee larva, which will eventually be coughed up (causing some TOX damage) unless removed surgically. Not implicitly a deadly disease, this instead gives you a bee pet! Bees are quite protective of their owners and will come to the rescue when they're under attack if you show them some TLC. It can take either a moment or a while for the bee to emerge depending on the RNG.
Concentrated initropidril N/A. Poison bottles. No 4.9 100% chance to cause cardiac arrest. Liquid heart attack! This reagent lets you skip cardiac failure (and thus its RNG) entirely for a faster death.
E.Coli Compost + Bacterial Medium No 4.9 100% chance to cause food poisoning. Food poisoning is annoying, but not very dangerous. You can sleep it off or drink some chicken soup.
Gibbis N/A. Poison bottles. No 2.9 Infects the victim with a non-contagious version of GBS. Another evil disease reagent. Unless countered quickly with cryoxadone, death is inevitable and permanent without a backup copy of the victim's DNA.
Grave dust N/A. Find inside certain ???? pill bottles. No 2.9 Infects victim with grave fever. Stuns, suffocation, weakness, and toxin damage that just gets worse and worse with each stage. Incredibly deadly if they can't get someone to adminster spaceacillin (they'll likely be too weak/unable to get it themselves).
Liquid spacetime N/A No 4.9 Infects the victim with teleportitis. Teleportitis repeatedly warps your character to random nearby tiles, so long as the target tile has flooring. It also causes sparks to fly from the destination, which can be very bad if you land on something ignitable.
Loose screws N/A. Rare find in artifact beakers.
Eat viscerite, extract your blood via syringe or IV
No 4.9 Inflicts victim with Space Madness. Space Madness can be quite annoying, especially if flips your view of the map when you least expect/want it, but it's otherwise completely harmless.
Nanomachines N/A. Poison bottles and roburgers. No 1.9 Infects the victim with robotics transformation. The transformation is obvious and a slow process. Rather tricky poison to use effectively, but an easy option for borging yourself.
Painbow fluid N/A. Rare find in artifact beakers. No 4.9 Infects victim with Cluwneing Around Disease, a special version of Clowning Around, if they're not a Clown. Victim slowly falls from grace as they become an extremely clusmy Cluwne, mind and body. Fortunately,a Bible applied to the face by a holy one can cleanse the unholy cluwne spirits possessing the victim. Nonlethal, but highly annoying and actually debilitating.
Prions N/A. Poison bottles, brain burgers. No 5.1 Infects the victim with kuru. Kuru is incurable and will paralyze somebody within seconds of injection. Death will follow within a couple of minutes.
Pure bacon grease N/A. Poison bottles. No 4.9 100% chance to cause cardiac failure. Cardiac failure can be a very serious condition without easy access to epinephrine or another stimulant.
Rainbow fluid N/A. Rare find in artifact beakers. No 4.9 Infects victim with Clowning Around Disease if they're not a Clown. Victim slowly becomes a clumsy Clown, complete with clown gear (that constantly grows back if they can somehow can it off) and weird honking sounds. Nonlethal but permanent and fairly debilitating if the victim isn't very experienced at clowning.
Rat venom N/A. Rare find in artifact beakers. No 4.9 Infects the victim with Space Plague. It's not the plague itself that kills; it's the chance of suddenly catching one of those nasty, incurable diseases. Despite what the analyzer readout says, you can cure it by getting stung by a queen space bee created by royal jelly (a reference to an urban legend about bee venom curing HIV)--but at what cost?.
Space heartworms N/A. Poison bottles. No 4.9 100% chance to cause cardiac abscondment. Generally lethal without an immediate heart transplant.
Spider eggs N/A. Poison bottles. No 2.9 Infects the victim with parasites. Each successful infection rips the host apart and spawns a couple of baby ice spiders, which are extremely aggressive and will attack nearby humans and monkeys. By doing so, they in turn mature and become even more dangerous. This chain reaction can be devastating and quite often depopulates entire stations.
Vampire serum N/A. Farty Snott's Beans, artifacts. No 4.9 Infects host with Draculaculiasis. Slowly turns host in a Vampire with the associated powers, but not the actual Antagonist status. Blehh!
Werewolf serum N/A. Farty Snott's Beans, artifacts. No 4.9 Infects host with Lycanthropy. Slooowly turns host in a Werewolf with the associated passives, but not the abilities or Antagonist status. Howl about it!
Rotting Secret! No 4.9 Infects host with Tissue Necrosis. Gradually turns the infected into a spooky skeleton. This prevents them from being cloned (but not preventing borging), unless you have a special cloning module.
Feather Fluid Secret! No 6.0 Infects host with Avian Flu. Once stage 4 is complete, turns the infected into a space bird. Spread your wings and... this is space, how would you fly?


Good old acid. Primarily used to destroy items for good.

Reagent Recipe Pen. skin? Per life cycle Immediate effect upon application Per plant cycle
(plant tray)
Acetic Acid Acetaldehyde (1) + Oxygen (1) + Nitrogen (4) No TOUCH - Does +5 BRUTE.
50+ UNITS: 75% chance of +15 BURN, +5 BRUTE and disfiguring the victim's face.

+1 ACID It's basically raw vinegar. Behaves like a much weaker sulfuric acid.
Fluorosulfuric Acid Sulfuric Acid + Fluorine + Hydrogen + Potassium @ 374 K No +1 TOX, +1 BURN TOUCH - Up to +20 BURN, 100% chance of melting items
9+ UNITS: melts headgear, otherwise +75 BURN and disfigures the victim's face

INGEST - 5+ UNITS: Scales with dose, up to +75 BURN
+10 ACID, -5 GROWTH The go-to acid if you want to melt items and faces.
Hydrochloric Acid Hydrogen + Chlorine + Water No See notes. Behaves exactly the same as sulfuric acid.
Sulfuric Acid Sulfur + Hydrogen + Oxygen No +1 BURN TOUCH - Does +10 BURN and +5 BRUTE, 40% chance of melting items.
25+ UNITS: 75% chance of disfiguring the victim's face (blocked by headgear)

INGEST - 10+ UNITS: Scales with dose, up to +20 BURN
+5 ACID, -3 GROWTH A precursor to many other chems.

Pyrotechnic Chems

The flashy stuff. If you have a hankering for fire and explosions, this is the section for you. Reagents that increase a mob's BURNING var also have an effect on BURN damage - the longer the duration and intensity of the fire, the more BURN damage you will take per cycle.

Reagent Recipe Dep. rate Pen. skin? Ign. temp Ignition effect Per life cycle Immediate effect upon application Per plant cycle
(plant tray)
Aerosol Propellant Chlorine + Platinum + Hydrogen + Sugar (+ Stabilizing Agent) 0.4 No Instant (stabilizer: 374 K) Does what the old smoke powder did. Turns into smoke, the maximum size of which scales with the amount of powder, for example 5 units for 3x3 and 10 units for 5x5. Applies the TOUCH reaction of all the chems that were mixed with it whenever someone walks into the smoke cloud. Unlike foam, the reagents penetrate skin (via inhaling) if they couldn't before. Good for getting chemicals into people who won't stand still for injections.

Note: Wearing active internals or a gas mask will prevent you from inhaling chemical smoke. Even if an acid is employed in the smoke to destroy the active internals or gas mask, the victim still won't suck in anything from that specific cloud of smoke.
Argine N/A. Magical beans, artifact beakers. 0.4 No 272 K Medium-sized explosion (4x4, high severity). Does not scale with volume. Cannot be applied to floor tiles. Explodes at low temperatures, for instance when mixed with cryostylane. When used in a mob, body temperature alone can be sufficient to set argine off.
Black Powder Saltpetre + Charcoal + Sulfur 0.05 Yes 474 K Sparks, then blows up a second or two later. Damage scales with volume.

< 160 UNITS: Minor explosion (up to 2x2, low severity)
161+ UNITS: Medium-sized explosion (6x6, medium severity)
301+ UNITS: large explosion (12x12, medium severity)
5+ UNITS: Creates black powder residue when applied to floor tiles. A lot of it in one spot can be very deadly. Slow depletion means you can poison someone with it and then wait for then to encounter a heat source awhile later.
Chlorine Azide Secret! N/A N/A Instant Small explosion (4x4, low severity). Does not scale with volume. Dumping too many basic chems into a container might accidentally cause this unstable and highly explosive reaction. The explosion from this can destroy objects like the chem dispenser you make it from. The explosion is not prevented by stabilizing agent.
Chlorine Trifluoride (CLF3) Chlorine (1) + Fluorine (3) @ 424 K 4 No N/A (with ff-foam: instant) Makes a 1x1 fireball when it comes into existence.

When mixed with fire-fighting foam: small explosion (2x2, low severity). Does not scale with volume.
If already on fire: +5 BURNING. Sets objects and turfs alight, even stuff that otherwise wouldn't burn. Has a chance of burning through floor tiles.

TOUCH / INGEST - Sets you alight, +50 BURNING.

INGEST - Scales with volume, up to +90 BURN.
A very popular starting deathchem, but be careful when mixing.
Cryostylane Water + Plasma + Nitrogen (+ Oxygen) or chili mutation. 0.4 No Mix with oxygen Comes into existence at 20 °C. As long as there is sufficient oxygen for it to react with, cryostylane slowly cools all other reagents and objects on its tile down towards 0 K, regardless of current surface or container. Reduces body temperature drastically. 3+ UNITS: Creates a layer of slippery ice when applied to floor tiles, reduces the temperature of plasma fires.

TOUCH - Sets BURNING to 0. Freezes anybody in a large block of ice, preventing any actions short of speaking or breaking out.
While frozen in an ice cube, you are immune to most outside dangers, though you will still take damage from active poisons. You can break out if you move in random directions or if someone kicks your cube (they have to be on Harm intent) enough times. As a panic option, the quick freeze is also handy for immediately activating cryoxadone.
Dioxygen Difluoride (FOOF) N/A. Rare find in artifact beakers. 1.8 No N/A N/A (oxidizer, breaks down and makes certain things instantly ignite when it's out of its container) +50 BURNING Creates a super-hot fireball (up to 8x8, scales with volume) that ignites and melts through walls, floors, grilles, and windows alike.


INGEST: Up to 90 BURN damage, scales with volume.
Horrifying and thankfully rare hellchem with a funny name.
Flash Powder Aluminium + Potassium + Chlorine + Sulfur (+ Stabilizing Agent) 0.4 Yes Instant (stabilizer: 374 K) Stuns anyone within five tiles of the source and causes blurred vision (blocked by sunglasses etc), stun amount relative to distance. Can cause permanent eye damage and blindness. Flashbangs contain this.
Fluorosurfactant Fluorine + Carbon + Sulfuric Acid (+ Water) 0.4 No Mix with water Turns into foam when combined with water, causes people to slip on it if they're running. The amount of foam made (up to 7x7) depends on how much fluorosurfactant and water are used, but every tile is capped at 5 units (per reagent carried with the foam) and a total of 25 units for total volume. When foam propagates, it drags all of the other reagents in the container with it, applying their TOUCH and (if they have it) Penetrates Skin effects to anyone that walks on it, or is standing in it as it finishes flowing away. Very, very deadly in the wrong hands.

Note: Most non-backbreaking methods of creating foam require you to do it by hand and thus be in the middle of the reaction, so unless you're trying to die, take appropriate measures to survive your own disaster.
(Sonic Powder)
Oxygen + Cola + Phosphorous (+ Stabilizing Agent) 0.4 Yes Instant (stabilizer: 374 K) Deafens and stuns within five tiles (blocked by earmuffs etc), causes confused movement. Can cause ear damage and permanent deafness. 70% chance of +1 BRAIN Flashbangs contain this. Occasionally plays HOOT! instead of BANG!
Kerosene Secret! 0.4 No 874 K Small to large fireball, scales with volume (up to 8x8). Has a secret, unlisted property.
Liquid Dark Matter Plasma + Radium + Carbon (+ Stabilizing Agent) 0.4 No Instant (stabilizer: 474 K) Sucks everything into the detonation point. Range (up to 4x4) and throw-force scale with volume. If it was detonated inside a "container" (e.g. a locker or a Space Pod), instead of sucking things, deals BRUTE damage to everybody inside it. Damage scales with volume, and high volumes can destroy the container. 25% chance of being applied to floor tiles. Far more dangerous than you'd think, getting sucked in and hit by a hundred different objects can easily do crit-levels of BRUTE damage. Like CLF3, also a popular deathchem and commonly paired with it, devastating entire rooms if the RNG cooperates.
Magnesium Explosion Magnesium + Copper + Oxygen N/A N/A Instant Small explosion (1x1, low severity). Does not scale with volume. The explosion is not prevented by stabilizing agent.
Napalm Goo Sugar + Welding Fuel + Ethanol 0.4 No 374 K Small to large fireball, scales with volume (up to 8x8). If already on fire: +10 BURNING. TOUCH - If already on fire: +70 BURNING +1 POISON Mostly harmless until a heat source is encountered.
Oil Carbon + Hydrogen + Welding Fuel 0.4 No 474 K Small to large fireball, scales with volume (up to 8x8). Yields 0.5 units of ash per 1 unit of oil. Creates a streak of slippery oil when applied to floor tiles.

TOUCH - Lubricates cyborg joints and temporarily make them move faster.
Used as a stand-in for benzene, toulene, napthalene and a bunch of other heavier hydrocarbons for a ton of the organic chem recipes.
Phlogiston Phosphorous + Sulfuric Acid + Plasma (+ Stabilizing Agent) or commol mutation. 0.4 No Instant (without stabilizer) Small fireball (without stabilizer), scales with volume (up to 8x8). If reagent temperature is above 224 K: +2 BURNING, sets you alight. If 224+ K: creates a fireball (up to 8x8) when applied to floor tiles (can burn through them all well), scales with volume.

TOUCH / INGEST (224+ K) - Does +33 BURNING, sets you alight.

INGEST - Scales with volume, up to +45 BURN.
+8 FIRE, -12 GROWTH Don't be deceived by that meager +2, having phlogiston in the bloodstream can be very dangerous without a fire extinguisher or firebot, and even then they can't prevent you from spontaneously igniting every cycle.
Phlogiston Dust Phlogiston + Charcoal + Phosphorous + Sulfur 0.4 No N/A If reagent temperature is above 224 K: +2 BURNING, sets you alight. If 224+ K: creates a fireball (up to 8x8) when applied to floor tiles, scales with volume.

TOUCH / INGEST (224+ K) - Does +15 BURNING, sets you alight.

INGEST - Scales with volume, up to +45 BURN.
+8 FIRE, -12 GROWTH Burns less intensely than pure phlogiston and thus cannot melt floor tiles, but most other properties are similar.
Plasma N/A 0.4 No 374 K Small to large fireball, scales with volume (up to 8x8). +1 TOX. Increases depletion rate of epinephrine by 2. Cannot be applied to floor tiles.

TOUCH - If already on fire: +30 BURNING
Pyrosium Plasma + Radium + Phosphorous (+ Oxygen) 0.4 No Mix with oxygen Comes into existence at 20 °C. As long as there is sufficient oxygen for it to react with, pyrosium slowly heats all other reagents and objects on its tile up towards 1000 K, regardless of current surface or container. Can make non-flammable things incredibly hot, but so can a welder or lighter. Not all hot things are good for you to stand around though, so using this for self-heating reactions can be fun if you can get the timing right.
Silver fulminate Secret! 0.4 No Instant Plays a pop-like gunshot sound similar to a revolver firing, volume/loudness scales with volume. So unstable that it can detonate under its own weight. As in real life, make in small batches...or not.
Smoke Powder Potassium + Phosphorous + Sugar (+ Stabilizing Agent) 0.4 No Instant (stabilizer: 300 K) Turns into a smoke cloud carrying other reagents, the initial size of which scales with the amount of the powder. The cloud behaves mostly like fluids and expands based on the amount of the other smoked reagents. Applies the TOUCH reaction of all the chems that were mixed with it whenever someone walks into the smoke cloud. Unlike foam, the reagents penetrate skin (via inhaling) if they couldn't before. Good for getting chemicals into people who won't stand still for injections.

Note: Wearing active internals or a gas mask will prevent you from inhaling chemical smoke.
Sorium Mercury + Oxygen + Nitrogen + Carbon (+ Stabilizing Agent) 0.4 No Instant (stabilizer: 474 K) Sends everything flying from the detonation point. Range (up to 3x3) and throw-force scale with volume. 25% chance of being applied to floor tiles. Pretty much the inverse of liquid dark matter, this knocks away anything that isn't bolted down. Ironically less deadly than its cousin, but lots of explosions going off at once can still be a huge pain.
Thermite Iron + Oxygen + Aluminium 0.4 No 374 K (floor/wall only) Can burn through floor tiles as well (not guaranteed).

IF 15+ UNITS: 100% chance of burning through walls.
TOUCH - If already on fire: +100 BURNING You'll generally be using an igniter or other heat source, and may have to heat the wall 5-10 times to ignite the thermite.
Welding Fuel N/A. Fuel tanks found across the station. 0.4 No 474 K Small to large fireball, scales with volume (up to 7x7).

IF 100+ UNITS: Small explosion (up to 4x4, low severity).
If already on fire: +2 BURNING TOUCH - If already on fire: +30 BURNING +1 POISON Used as a stand-in for lighter hydrocarbons in a lot of the organic chem recipes.


420 smoke weed errydayy

Reagent Recipe Dep. rate Pen. skin? Per life cycle Immediate effect upon application Addict prob. Notes
Aranesp Epinephrine + Atropine + Insulin 0.4 No Major total stamina and regeneration buff. 90% chance of +1 TOX, 5% of a stun alongside +15 OXY and +1 LOSEBREATH While aranesp grants a significant stamina bonus, it's also a danger to the user. There is no overdose threshold per se, however doses of 10+ units can be lethal due to escalating OXY and TOX damage.
Bath Salts ???? + Monosodium Glutamate + Saltpetre + Mercury + Space Cleaner + Mugwort + Denatured Enzyme @ 374 K or omega weed. 0.6 No Notable stamina regeneration buff, 60% chance of canceling out all stuns. 8-20% chances of bad side-effects: growing a tramp beard, confused movement, +5 BRUTE, up to 5 units of either meth/crank/neurotoxin, hallucinations and scary text messages.

OVERDOSE (20) - 8% chance of +1/+2 TOX. Scales with dose. Effects can be confused movement, blurred vision, jitteriness, stuns, contracting non-contagious berserker, extra +2 TOX, +1 BRAIN, +5 BRUTE.
INGEST - Does +5 RAD, +5 TOX, +10 BRAIN 80% Dump all the Discount Dan's flavours into a bathtub and heat it with a welder, you'll probably find it. Makes you nearly impervious to stuns, but you'll be a nearly uncontrollable tramp-bearded raving lunatic. Overdose will likely kill you from a half dozen different types of escalating damage, even taking too many occasional doses can easily be lethal.
Cat Drugs Catonium + Psilocybin + Ammonia + Welding Fuel @ 374 K or omega weed. 0.4 No Causes you to meow, hiss, and hallucinate. Amusing text messages. Gimmick drug, good for laughs or confusing the hell out of people.
Coffee N/A. Obtain from robust coffee and coffeemakers. 0.4 No Minor stamina regeneration buff, reduces duration of incoming Weaken, Stunned, & Paralyzed debuffs by 3%. Causes jitteriness and increases body temperature slightly, reduces drowsiness and dizziness. 5% Safe and easy to obtain stimulant.
Crank Diphenhydramine + Ammonia + Lithium + Sulfuric Acid + Welding Fuel @ 374 K or omega weed. 0.4 No Reduces duration of incoming Weaken, Stunned, & Paralyzed debuffs by 50%. 8% chance of decaying into up to 2 units of meth, 6% of increasing body temperature, 4% of causing jitteriness and +1 TOX.

OVERDOSE (20) - 8% chance of +1/+2 TOX. Scales with dose. Effects can be confused movement, jitteriness, stuns, contracting non-contagious berserker, additional body temperature increase, up to extra +5 TOX, up to +8 BRAIN, +5 BRUTE.
50% Warms you up, makes you jittery as hell. Very addictive, but the stun reduction effect is pretty nice for fighting

Note: Mixing crank comes with an explosion (2x2, low severity), which cannot be prevented by stabilizing agent.
Energy drink Secret!


Obtain from Brotein Shake Dragon Balls.
0.4 No +2 stamina regeneration, increased movement speed, jitteriness, reduces duration of incoming Weaken, Stunned, & Paralyzed debuffs. Chance of causing jitteriness.

Upon depleting, causes blurred vision, slowed movement, and dizziness, duration is based on how long the chem was in your system.

OVERDOSE (25) - Chance to induce heart failure based on how long the chem was in your system.
8% Imagine coffee, but with a movement speed buff instead of drowsiness & dizziness reduction and body temperature warming and with a meaner crash and overdose.
George Melonium N/A. Rainbow melons. 0.4 No INGEST - Random effect, can be an explosion (1x1, low severity), spawning up to 40 units of random drugs or poisons, -30 of OXY/TOX/BRUTE/BURN/BRAIN or a long-duration stun. Surprisingly weaponizable.
Jenkem Urine + Compost 0.4 No Causes dizziness. 10% chance of +1 TOX 30% Low-quality sewage drug. Mostly harmless, but the constant screen-shaking is irritating and makes it hard to click on objects.
Krokodil Diphenhydramine + Morphine + Space Cleaner + Potassium + Phosphorous + Welding Fuel @ 374 K or omega weed. 0.4 No Reduces jitteriness. 25% of +1 BRAIN, 15% of reducing body temperature, 5% of short stun and +1 TOX, +1 BRAIN, 2% of +2 BRUTE.

OVERDOSE (20) - 8% chance of +1/+2 TOX. Scales with dose. Effects can be additional body temp reduction, stuns, up to extra +3 TOX, up to +3 BRAIN, up to +25 BRUTE. Can even make all your skin rot off.
50% Overdose can be very lethal and leave you looking like a half-rotten corpse, but can potentially heal back from that and just wander around being terrifying.
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) Diethylamine + Space Fungus or cannabis mutation. 0.4 No Pretty lights and hallucinations. Imaginary monsters start chasing you around. The changeling's hallucinogenic sting injects this.
Methamphetamine Ephedrine + Iodine + Phosphorous + Hydrogen @ 374 K. Extract from Robust asomna or omega weed. Obtain from Robust-Eez. 0.6 No Reduces duration of incoming Weaken, Stunned, & Paralyzed debuffs by 50%, significant stamina regeneration buff, increases movement speed. Causes jitteriness, reduces drowsiness. 50% chance of +1 BRAIN.

OVERDOSE (20) - 8% chance of +1/+2 TOX. Scales with dose. Effects can be jitteriness, stuns, confused movement or chance of dropping items hold in either hand.
60% Extremely addictive and overdose can make you flail around uncontrollably and drop your stuff, but it's the best thing short of stimulants or bath salts for shrugging off stuns, KOs and paralysis. People will have a hard time containing you.
Nicotine N/A. Cigs, nicotine patches, eggplants, and tobacco. 0.4 No Slight stamina regeneration buff, reduces duration of incoming Weaken, Stunned, & Paralyzed debuffs by 4%. 50% chance of causing jitteriness.

OVERDOSE (35) - Does +1 TOX, 8% chance of extra +1/+2 TOX. Scales with dose. Effects can be confused movement, stuns, body temperature increase, jitteriness, up to +6 TOX (additional), up to +20 OXY.
70% Slapping a whole bunch of nicotine patches on someone can kill them with escalating TOX and OXY damage.
Nicotwaine N/A. Extract from twobacco leaves. 0.4 No +3 to stamina regeneration, reduces duration of incoming Weaken, Stunned, & Paralyzed debuffs, 10% chance of +2 TOX, 5% chance to remove all stuns & do +4 TOX. Jittering, shivering, and mildly ominous messages about how fast your heart is beating.

OVERDOSE (70) - Does +2 TOX. Moderate overdoses cause twitching, confused movement, body temperature rises in 30-60 degrees, and up to +5 TOX. Severe overdoses can cause stuns, paralysis, up to +20 OXY, and up to +5 TOX and is characterized by drooling, gasping, jittering, and/or messages about your hearting pounding and needing help.
100% Nicotine, but better -- sort of. It stun reduction is better than nicotine and coffee, but not as good as meth, though it has comparable stamina regen boost and more manageable side effects.
Psilocybin N/A. Mushroom and cannabis mutation. 0.4 No Pretty lights and hallucinations, occasionally a short stun. Can make you hallucinate stuff like gunshots and attack messages. Might freak someone out if they don't know what's going on.
Space Drugs Mercury + Sugar + Lithium or omega weed
Safrole + Salbutamol + Nitrogen + Water.
0.2 No Pretty lights, confused movement. 65% Heat it to create neurotoxin. Otherwise, it just makes the screen shift colors. Alt. recipe involving safrole is a loose take on MDMA and is designed to facilitate a clever splice.
Stimulants N/A. Stimpack. 0.4 No IF 5+ UNITS: cancels out all stuns, extreme total stamina and regeneration buff. -5 OXY/TOX, -10 BRUTE/BURN. Reduces dizziness and drowsiness.

IF < 5 UNITS: +2 TOX, +1 BRUTE, 10% chance of medium-duration stun.
Only works while volume is greater than five units. As it wears off to under five units, it hits you with some nasty side-effects.
Synaptizine N/A. Syndicate donk pockets, spaghetti w/ meatballs and arrabbiata. 0.4 No Reduces duration of incoming Weaken, Stunned, & Paralyzed debuffs by 25%, slight stamina regeneration buff, reduces drowsiness. 50% chance of -1 BRAIN.

OVERDOSE (40) - 8% chance of +1/+2 TOX. Scales with dose. Effects can be dizziness, stuns or extra +1 TOX.
Similar to ephedrine in regards to stun reduction and stamina benefits, but with less severe overdose effects.
Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) N/A. Cannabis. 0.4 No Giggling, stuttering, occasional drowsiness, 4% chance of causing confused movement. Doubles duration of buffs gained from food. Doesn't really do a whole lot besides causing the munchies, but people are usually pretty happy to smoke any joints you leave laying around.


A section for the stranger chems in the game that are hard to classify anywhere else.

Reagent Recipe Dep. rate Pen. skin? Per life cycle Immediate effect upon application Per plant cycle
(plant tray)
Addict prob. Notes
???? N/A. Extract from Purple goop, ???? (food), smoldering messes, physical manifestations of the very concept of fried foods, and low-quality botany crops. 0.4 No INGEST - Food poisoning, stuns the consumer briefly.
Beer N/A. Find in beer bottles (duh), obtain from alcohol dispensers, or distill from wheat. 0.4 No INGEST & Below 280K - Heals 5 TOX damage It only heals immediately after it's ingested, not when it's in your bloodstream, so an IV drip (which constantly supplies chems in small increments) of it is better than a pill (which supplies it all in one go).
Beepskybräu Security Schwarzbier Beer + Nanomachines. Distill from roboburgers 0.4 No Decays into 4 units of ethanol.

IF IN A VEHICLE: Stun, victim is ejected from vehicle. Drunk driving is a crime, you know!
The "shock" you get from attempting drunk driving with this can cure certain diseases and damage cyberhearts. The reason it doesn't burn you is because it's coming straight from your liver.
Beff Partially Hydrogenated Space-Soybean Oil + Meat Slurry + Plasma 0.4 No 8% chance of decaying into 0.8 units of either partially hydrogenated space-soybean oil/toxic slurry/synthflesh/changeling blood/corn syrup/porktonium. 5% chance of decaying into up to 3 units of cholesterol
Blood N/A. Draw blood from somebody with a syringe or IV drip. 0.4 No See stable mutagen. 5+ UNITS: Creates slippery blood stains when applied to floor tiles.

INGEST - Provides nourishment for vampires.
If plant is man-eater: +3 GROWTH Changeling blood reacts to heat (324 K), which can be used to identify them.
Bread N/A. Use a loaf or slice of bread (any type) on a beaker. 0.4 No 5+ UNITS: Creates bread slices when applied to floor tiles.
Caledonium N/A. Extract from haggis. 0.4 No Grants the "Scottish accent" mutation for exactly three minutes, giving you the peculiar vocabulary and accent of tartan-wearing highlanders. Effect is not cumulative. TOUCH / INGEST - Same effect. Basically a Scots trait you can turn on and off. Even the smallest doses will give you the accent for three minutes, so you only need a little bit at a time to get your accent back.
Carbon Tetrachloride
(Firefighting Foam)
Carbon + Sulfur + Chlorine 0.4 No See CLF3. TOUCH - Reduces the BURNING var when splashed onto people, objects or turfs that are on fire.
Carpet Space Fungus + Blood 0.4 No 5+ UNITS: Creates a dirty carpet when applied to floor tiles.
Catonium N/A. Extract from Catnip/Nepeta cataria 0.4 No A cat drugs precursor that makes cats purr, roll about, and do weird cat things.
Cheese Milk + Vomit. Extract from cheese sandwiches made with spooky bread. 0.4 No 3% chance to create 1-2 units of cholesterol. 5+ UNITS: Creates a slice of cheese when applied on the floor. Fun to mix with smoke powder and a great way to replenish the kitchen's cheese stocks.
Cheese Substitute N/A. Extract from magical jelly beans and certain Discount Dan's burritos. 0.4 No OVERDOSE (50) - 8% chance of 1 to 2 TOX damage. 10%
Chocolate N/A. Extract from Chocolate ice-cream, chocolate chip cookies, chocolaty drinks, Hetz Cups, and chocolate bars. 0.4 No Raises body temperature very slightly. Decays into 0.8 units of sugar. Removes any Freeze. 3+ UNITS: Creates a chocolate bar on the floor. Grody.
Cola Sugar + Soda Water. OR obtain from any kind of soda. 0.4 No Reduces drowsiness, lowers body temperature by 5 degrees until it reaches base body temp (37C/310K). Call it pop, call it soda, call it coke, it's a refreshing beverage that actually helps cool you down all the same.
Colorful Reagent Plasma + Radium + Space Drugs + Cryoxadone + Triple Citrus + Stabilizing Agent 0.4 No INGEST - Changes your blood to a random colour.

TOUCH - Paints almost everything it touches with a random colour.
Foaming or smoking this can be fun.
Coagulated Gnesis N/A. Use a beaker or similar on puddles of teal fluid or weird stringy fibers. Varies, see Notes No Converts your blood into more coagulated gnesis, at 2 units converted to 2 units of gnesis per second.

Ominous messages about various body parts breaking without any pain. Hearing flockdrone beeping.

200+ UNITS: Chance of gibbing into an AI (i.e. noncontrollable) flockbit, virtually guaranteed at 300 units.
10+ UNITS: Creates either a scrap of gnesis or shard of transparent gnesis
50+ UNITS: If possible, converts furniture item into its flock equivalent, such as tiles into flocktile and chairs into flockchairs.

TOUCH: Paints item/mob a rather dark shade of teal, adds "teal-stained" if possible. People splashed with gnesis get a fun message about how the chem feels like oil paint and a less fun one about it permanently staining them, which is misleading since showers and such still remove it.

INGEST: Amusing message about the gnesis tasting like children's modeling clay.
It eats your blood from the inside out--grisly! To delay such a cruel and unusual fate, refill your blood with packs or filgrastim, saline, and other blood-restoring chems. To avoid it, take lots of calomel to flush it out faster than it can convert it.

Converts other reagents in the container into more gnesis, at a max of 2 units of gnesis for 2 units of non-gnesis reagent, per second, per reagent. It can convert multiple different reagents at a time, increasing total gnesis created every second, but this otherwise does not affect conversion speed for each reagent. If there are no other reagents, it decays, losing 2 units per second. Both occur in any and all containers, e.g. beakers, glasses, pills, patches, ampoules, food, etc.
Corn Starch N/A. Extract from corn and bee kibble. 0.4 No Corn-related precursor.
Corn Syrup Corn Starch + Sulfuric Acid @ 374 K 0.4 No Decays into 1.2 units of sugar. A sufficiently high dose can easily lead to hyperglycaemic shock.
Calcium Carbonate Calcium + Chlorine(2) + Sodium(2) + Carbon + Oxygen(3) 0.4 No Creates Salt on reaction.
Calcium Sulfate Calcium Carbonate + Sulphuric Acid 0.4 No Creates Water on reaction.
Chalk Calcium Sulfate(4) + Oil 0.4 No 5+ UNITS: Creates a stick of chalk when applied to floor tiles.
Denatured Enzyme Booster Enzyme @ 424 K OR Extract from certain Discount Dan's products 0.4 No An otherwise completely useless chem that's a precursor to many other chems, secret and non-secret.
Diluted Fliptonium Fliptonium + Water 0.1 No Makes you flip off nearby people.

OVERDOSE (30) - 8% chance of +1/+2 TOX.
Ectoplasm N/A. Extract from ectoplasm globs and spooky scary sandwiches and baked goods. Obtain from Spooky Dan's Horrotastic Cola. 0.4 No Ominous but ultimately harmless sensations of something that isn't there, i.e. the heebie-jeebies. 10+ UNITS: Creates a surprisingly edible blob of ectoplasm. As a blob, it's surprisingly malleable when processed.
Egg N/A. Eggplant mutation or use an egg on a drinking glass. 0.4 No 8% chance of farting, 3% of decaying into up to 2 units of cholesterol.
Essence of Elvis N/A. Extract from foods containing Elvis bread. 0.4 No Grants the Elvis's accent for exactly three minutes. Effect is not cumulative. TOUCH / INGEST - Same effect. Elvis lives through the power of chemistry! The best part is that you only need a little bit of Elvis each time you want to extend the duration, since even the smallest of doses grant Elvis's accent for three minutes.
Expresso (3) Neurotoxin + (1) Espresso 0.4 No +2 BRAIN damage 5?% The dimwitted cousin of espresso. Grammar is not exactly its strong suit, but inflicting brain damage is.
Fartonium Refried Beans + Egg + ???? + Cheese Substitute or extract from assburgers 0.4 No 66% chance of farting.

If simethicone is present: funny text messages, 5-25% chances of up to +4 BRUTE
Non-stop farty party.
Flaptonium Egg + Colorful Reagent + Chicken Soup + Strange Reagent + Blood @ 374 K N/A N/A Makes a parrot upon synthesis, similar to life. Squawk!
Fliptonium Gin and Sonic + Liquid Dark Matter + Chocolate + Ephedrine 0.2 No Reduces duration of incoming Weaken, Stunned, & Paralyzed debuffs, slight stamina regeneration buff. Spins your mob constantly. Causes jitteriness, reduces drowsiness.

OVERDOSE (15) - 8% chance of +1/+2 TOX. Scales with dose. Effects can be confused movement, stuns, drop items hold in either hand, jitteriness
Foamed Metal Fluorosurfactant + Sulfuric Acid + (Aluminium or Iron) N/A N/A Reacts immediately upon mixing. After a short delay, the foam will turn into weak metal walls (and floors, if there isn't one on the tile), which can be destroyed with a few whacks of a blunt object.

A silly chem that can be as helpful or as harmful as you want it to be, you can either plug up holes in the station or inconvenience people with huge metal obstructions. Unlike other foams, this one can't be slipped on (since it doesn't use water).
Ginger Ale N/A. Obtain from Delightful Dan's Ginger Ale from GTMs and from fancy cola. 0.4 No 4% chance to burp. Bubbly soda that can be used for Moscow Mule.
Grapefruit juice N/A. Extract from grapefruits and grapefruit wedges. 0.4 No Removes 0.5 units of every medical chem in bloodstream. TOUCH - Juice in your eye, ouch! 75% chance to cause blurriness, blocked by wearing any mask and/or head slot item. Per life effect references grapefruit juice reducing effectiveness of some medicines in real life.
Green vomit N/A. Extract from Pro Puffs cigarettes. Collect from green vomit piles. 0.4 No 5+ UNITS: Creates a slippery glob of green vomit. Grody. When you collect this from a green vomit pile, anyone who sees you may vomit from sheer disgust. Green vomit piles often result from ingesting toxic slurry, and they can be found in a few disgustingly ill-kept places and occasionally around a Port-a-Puke.
Holy Water Water + Wine + Mercury or garlic. 0.4 No Temporarily creates a slippery surface when applied to floor tiles.

TOUCH - Reduces the BURNING var when splashed onto people, objects or turfs that are on fire. -10 BRAIN, 1% chance of curing diseases.

TOUCH/INGEST - If target is vampire: +1.25 BURN and -1.25 blood per unit applied.
Will be displayed as simply "water" in the chem dispenser and reagent scanner.
Honkfartium Fartonium + Simethicone @ 374 K 0.4 No Changes your fart sounds into honking noises. Farty party clown style.
Luminol Oxygen + Hydrogen + Nitrogen + Carbon 0.4 No 5+ UNITS: Shows blood stains that might have been removed. Highly useful for Detectives!
Ice Water @ 273 K 0.4 No 5+ UNITS: Creates a solid, non-slippery chunk of ice when applied to floor tiles. The frozen state of water. The reagent turns to water when brought to a temperature higher than 0° C.
Life Strange Reagent + Synthflesh + Blood @ 374 K N/A N/A Creates a random NPC immediately upon synthesis for you to play with. Be careful though, not all of them are friendly! Note that you have to get the reagent numbers exactly right, otherwise you'll just produce a critter or meat cube.

Note: Spamming this in a public area as a non-antag isn't advised, as you could end up with a bunch of the violent mobs that will attack the crew.
Meat Slurry Corn Starch + Blood 0.4 No 4% chance of decaying into up to 3 units of cholesterol. 5+ UNITS: 10% chance of creating slippery gibs when applied to floor tiles.
Milk N/A. Found in, well, milk bottles, milk jugs, and certain Discount Dan's products. 0.4 No If total TOX damage is less than 25: Heals 1 TOX damage.

Removes caspicin 5 units at time. Removes all Dragon's Breath and Ghost Chili Juice, completely consuming the milk.
If you're a skeleton, also heals you a bit.
Mint N/A. Extract from mint. 0.4 No Attempts to lower body temp to 0° C in 5 degree increments. An essential ingredient in mint-based cocktails.
Monosodium glutamate (MSG) N/A. Extract from most Discount Dan's products 0.2 No BLOOD TYPE NOT A+: 10% chance of 2-4 TOX damage, 7% chance of short- to medium-duration stun

BLOOD TYPE A+: Same as above, but much less often.
INGEST: Messages about food tasting amazing. The secret of Discount Dan's: migraine-inducing salt that discriminates by blood type!
Moonshine N/A. Find in jugs of syndie moonshine. 0.4 No Decays into 10 units of ethanol. INGEST & IF Traitor: Gives 10 units of omnizine. Potent brew that heals traitors and makes nontraitors absolutely smashed. Beware of omnizine overdose.
Organic Superlubricant Space Lube + Helium 0.4 No Temporarily creates an extremely slippery surface when applied to floor tiles. Causes people to slip and fall regardless of running or walking. Deals BRUTE damage to people who slip.
Paper N/A. Use a sheet of paper on a beaker. 0.4 No 5+ UNITS: Creates ripped up paper when applied to floor tiles.
Partially Hydrogenated Space-Soybean Oil Space-Soybean Oil + Hydrogen @ 524 K OR Extract from Discount Dan's burritos, noodles, TV dinners, and snack cakes 0.2 (75+ UNITS: 0.4) No 15% chance of decaying into up to 3 units of cholesterol, 8% chance of decaying into 5 units of porktonium.

OVERDOSE (75) - 10% chance of +5 OXY, 5% of +25 OXY and a medium-duration stun
Potentially, a sufficiently large dose of soybean oil could be used as a delayed stealth poison if the RNG cooperates.
Peach Juice N/A.Extract from peaches and peach rings.
Find inside Delightful Dan's Peachy Punch.
0.4 No Chance to decay into VHFCS.

Chance to decay into apple juice.
Not real peach juice, but a mixture made to resemble it. Fairly bad for your pancreas because of the VHFCS decay product, which tends to break down into lots of sugar, but less so than the drinks that directly contain VHFCS.
Pepperoni Saltpetre + Beff + Synthflesh. Extract from pepperoni logs and slices 0.4 No TOUCH - Funny text messages, 50% chance of +1 BRUTE (blocked by headgear).
Pure hugs N/A. Hug an cute and adorable friend and get hugged back. 0.4 No Dawwww.
Pure love Chocolate + Pure hugs
Extract from heartburgers.
0.4 No Sets your intent to Help intent if you were on Harm intent, gives you feel-good messages, and makes you semi-awkwardly *hug people next to you. What is love? It's sweetness and kindness. Potentially useful, if tricky to administer, against someone trying to beat you up.
Refried Beans N/A. Extract from certain Discount Dan's products. 0.4 No 10% chance to *fart.
Reversium Secret! 0.4 No Grants the 'reversed speech' mutation for 3 min (not cumulative), making you say everything backwards. TOUCH / INGEST - Same effect. Harmless fun. The duration can't be extended by having excess reversium in your bloodstream, so you only need to consume a tiny quantity every three minutes.
Safrole N/A. Extract from sassafras roots. 0.4 No An otherwise unremarkable precursor to space drugs.
Sarsaparilla N/A. Distill from sassafras roots. 0.4 No Lowers you to base body temp 37C/310K in 5 degree increments every few seconds. Basically cola that is renewable and comes without the rather minor drowsiness reduction.
Sewage N/A. Put Discount Dan's burritos in a still. 0.4 No 7% chance of 1 TOX damage. TOUCH/INGEST - Makes you vomit. Blarrgh. Of course it makes you vomit. What else were you expecting?
Silicate Silicon + Oxygen + Aluminium 0.4 No Reinforces windows up to a maximum durability of 500. Every application makes the window twice as strong. A standard reinforced window has about 80 durability.
Soda Water Carbon + Oxygen + Water 0.4 No A precursor to cola and thus to hootingium and several bartender cocktails.
Space Fungus N/A. Fungi from botany or patches growing on walls. 0.4 No INGEST - 50% chance of contracting food poisoning, 10% of up to 5 units of toxin (reagent). Up to +3 ENDURANCE Space fungus is acquired by scraping it off walls with your beaker. It mostly grows in maintenance tunnels, so you might need to request appropriate access to get at it.
Space Lube Silicon + Oxygen + Water 0.4 No Temporarily creates a very slippery surface when applied to floor tiles. Causes people to slip and fall regardless of running or walking. Deals no damage to people who slip, but people can take still damage from slipping into walls and other solid objects. Has a damaging variant.
Space-Soybean Oil N/A. Extract from soybeans and Discount Dan's burritos, noodles, TV dinners, and snack cakes 0.4 No 8% chance to decay into 5 units of porktonium, separate 10% chance to decay into 1-3 units of cholesterol
Strange green goop N/A. Extract from ProPuff cigarettes, decays from Ecto Cooler. 0.8 No Let's you see GHOSTS!
Strawberry juice N/A. Extract from, naturally, strawberries, strawberry pies, and Delectable Dan's Scrumptious Strudel. 0.4 No A fruit juice primarily used for cocktails.
Swedium N/A. Extract from swedish meatballs. 0.4 No Grants the Swedish accent mutation for three minutes at any dose level. TOUCH/INGEST - Same effect. As with reversium, the duration can't be extended by having excess swedium in your bloodstream.
Triplepiss Secret! Sometimes found in drugs from ??? pill bottles. 0.4 No 5+ UNITS: Temporarily creates slippery puddles of urine when applied to floor tiles. References one of the joke responses old admin Popecrunch gave when asked about the recipe for initropidril.
Urine N/A. Fill your stomach with water, then use the *piss emote or pee in a drinking glass or beaker. 0.4 No 5+ UNITS: Temporarily creates slippery puddles of urine when applied to floor tiles.
Very-High-Fructose Corn Syrup (VHFCS) Corn Syrup + Denatured Enzyme (enzyme is not consumed). OR Find inside any soda that isn't Grones or Orange-Aid 0.4 No Decays into 2.4 units of sugar. A more potent form of corn syrup that can more easily induce hyperglycaemic shock.
Vomit N/A. Get drunk and puke all over the floor. OR ingest sewage or space ipecac. 0.4 No 5+ UNITS: Creates slippery pools of vomit when applied to floor tiles. There's also a green variant of vomit, which can be scooped in a beaker to make others vomit.
Weird Cheese Milk + Green Vomit. Extract from weird cheese. 0.4 No 5% chance of adding 1-3 units of cholesterol. 5+ UNITS: Creates a slice of weird cheese when applied to floor tiles. 5% Essentially the SS13 version of Limburger and other stinky cheeses. Fun to make chemsmoke with.


Let's get one thing straight, people. There are some recipes that are still more secret than secret. If you find out one of the recipes, you shouldn't even say the recipe in-game lest the ghosts hear you. Admins will get mad at you if you spread them. Keep this shit to yourselves.

Now with that out of the way: Welcome to the fun section! If you're a scientist who enjoys his job and does it often, then you've probably heard the names of these chemicals thrown around every so often. These are considered the final learning curve before being dubbed an A+ chemist, so if you want to become a true scientific force on the station, taking a stab at these mysteries is within your best interests. Don't be discouraged by their difficulty, you're not the only one! Be diligent, be patient, and use what you've learned from mixing the previous chems on this page.

Reagent Comps Hint Difficulty Effect Notes
Ageinium 5 What reminds you of old people? Moderate Gradually increases your age. At the moment this only affects various sounds you make. How far can you go?
Anima 5 What's happening to the objects? Take this into consideration. Difficult Brings inanimate objects to life to attack people, gives odd visions when injected. The bigger the object you animate, the more health it has and damage it does, though smaller objects can be harder to click. What Anima actually affects is a bit all over the place, but if it can be dragged, assume it can be animated. The means for mixing this are nonstandard and guaranteed to be harmful, be advised!

Note: Fiddling around with this in small doses is fine, but for the love of God, don't throw it at everywhere and everything if you aren't a round antagonist!
Booster Enzyme 7 Do a little research on real life enzymes. Difficult Duplicates certain beneficial chemicals in your bloodstream. Each time booster enzyme decays, it will create 2 units of any beneficial medical chem that's already in your body up to a cap of 20 - note that this does not proc overdose thresholds of 20 or higher (but it will for lower thresholds!). A neat tool for farming rarer medicinal reagents, or for making you nigh-immortal with said reagents.
Bubsium 4 What does bubs like? Go bother him to find out. Easy Consumption of this chemical may lead to bubs-like properties. bubs
Chlorine Azide 6 How is chlorine azide basically made in real life? Elementary Explodes the moment it's created, stabilizing agent or not. It won't breach through the floor or blow down a wall, but it can certainly take out the chem dispenser. There's a reason the code for its recipe has the comment "death 2 chemists" (in the 2016 public release, at least). You might stumble upon it accidentally when mixing lots of random basic chems together.
Crabby Party Secret Formula 4 100% Sea Weed Easiest Creates a Party Crab on synthesis He's having a great time. are you having a great time?
Crime 5 A bunch of things assistants might like. Average-Hard Allows you to remove things from people five times faster. Wow. Become the world's speediest shoe thief.
Deep Fried Dabs 2 It's all in the name. Easy Forces you to dab. Wow. How do you do, fellow kids?
Disguiseium 5 What chems make things look like other things? Average-Hard A complicated chemical. When made it will make the second most common reagent in a container look like the most common reagent. However, its effects will not be changed. You'll never trust a reagent scanner again.
Directed Nanites 4 What would nanites need to help you rather than harm you? Easy Slowly replaces one or more organs with their cyber variants. A good chem for doctors to use!
Dragon's Breath 5 Hot chemicals. Easy See Poisons and Toxic Shit. This has a chance of rolling instant death for every cycle it's in your blood, yikes! And if the RNG spares you, you'll still be utterly wasted. This is technically a barman concoction, but it's dangerous enough to have been thrown into this list.
Energy Drink 3 If you can figure out voltagen, the remaining two ingredients should be quite obvious. Easy Stun reduction, minor stamina regeneration buff, speed boost, chance to cause jitteriness.
On depletion - slowed movement, dizziness, blurred vision, random chance to KO.
OVERDOSE - May cause cardiac failure.
Basically the energy drink from the future, with just as mean of a crash. Despite this it's a welcome alternative to methamphetamine since it has next-to-none of its cons... just don't overdose on it. Addictive.
Enriched MSG 12 Think of really tasty things. Difficult Heals 1 OXY/TOX/LOSEBREATH and 3 BRUTE/BURN per cycle. Pretty much super-omnizine, with more addiction and custom flavor texts if you overdose. Far and away the best healing chem in the game short of stimulants.
Feather Fluid 7 Amnesiac bird. Easy Infects you with the Avian Flu, which will eventually turn you into a bird. Don't overthink the recipe. What do you know already?

Note: Don't use this on other people unless you're an antag or they agree!
Fermid 4 Consider the name "fermid" and what a fermid looks like. Difficult Creates a hostile fermid at the point of reaction. Fermids are the nasty critters that plagued the (now removed) mining z-level, being stubbornly durable and injecting any human they see with harmful toxins; fortunately they cannot target cyborgs. The recipe used to be laughably easy, but after seeing the harm spontaneous fermid swarms could cause, it was wisely made more difficult and thrown into secrets section.

Note: PLEASE don't spam these as a non-antag. This is why the recipe was changed in the first place.
Freeze 5 Cold chems. What makes you freeze? Average Decays into ethanol. Lowers your body temperature and inflicts brief stuns and burn damage. Severe effect scales with volume: [0.1% * volume] chance of being turned into an ice statue. Functionally the same as Dragon's Breath, but it freezes you to death instead of frying you.
Glowing Fliptonium 4 Spoiler: one of the ingredients is fliptonium! The other three make it spooky, make it more powerful, and a little bit trippy. Difficult (Hopefully?) Works like regular fliptonium, with the exception that it affects mobs, objects and turfs on application, as opposed to just mobs and objects. It also gives more stun resistance/stamina buff/etc than normal fliptonium. The recipe is intended to be difficult to make, not to figure out, really. The effect is pretty crazy and does far more to interrupt peoples' rounds than, say, colorful reagent or glitter.
Grog 11 Look up the Monkey Island Grog recipe, then find its equivalents in SS13. Grog was created before Kerosene was a thing. Immensely Difficult See Poisons and Toxic Shit. Another horrifying drink from barman territory, it ignores biosuits and will always captainize and do some BRUTE face-melting damage on TOUCH (though without destroying the Mask item, strangely). The amount of damage varies wildly depending on the delivery method. Ironically it's actually reasonably safe to drink, though you may want the alcohol resistance mutation before chugging it.
Hootagen 6 / 6 What are some things that are alive? What are owls known for? Where can you do more research on Owls? Average / Difficult Has a stable and unstable variant. The stable one gives you an owl suit and mask that you can't take off yourself. The unstable one... well, it's a little more violent. The unstable variant has some utility as a pseudo-deathchem. Also, owl masks don't work as internals. Use that as you will.
Initrobeedril 4 The name is a strong hint in and of itself. Notably, this is not found in poison bottles like its bigger cousin. Average Turns your heart into a memorial bee and makes it fly away. You'll know if someone was hit by this if they start turning yellow. For the victim, they'll get big red messages of their heart fluttering in their chest. This is a disease reagent, so it only needs to be in you a certain amount of cycles to infect you, which will eventually lead to the heart-bee evicting itself from your body and leave you with cardiac abscondment.

Note: And no, you can't get it back into your body, despite what the examine message says. Get a replacement heart or you'll die.
Initropidril 7 The biggest challenge. Only the most worldly spaceman should even attempt it. Requires triplepiss. Heart-stopping See Poisons and Toxic Shit. It can take a while to make, but it's worth the trouble since traitor poison bottles can be a crapshoot.
Juggernaut 5 A pain-killing and injury-treating concoction. Easy A potent painkiller that negates a significant amount of walkspeed loss from being hurt, with the additional special effect of absorbing and healing a portion of brute and burn damages taken between life cycles. Hits the user with the absorbed damage as it leaves their system.
OVERDOSE - Confused movement, dropping held items, stuns, forgetting how to breathe.
The damage-absorbing capabilities get less effective the more damage it has absorbed and the longer it has been present in your system. Has a slightly less-than-average depletion rate but also a low overdose threshold and fairly debilitating overdose effects. Bad side-effects occur if it's in your system for far too long.
Kerosene 6 You'll likely need some catalysts and heat for the reaction. Do some research on Thermochemical synthesis and whatever comes to mind first for Synthesis of High Density Aviation Fuel... but maybe take a less organic route. Difficult Makes nice and pretty fireballs, like welding fuel, except without the "small explosion with enough fuel" and "makes people burn more when doused with it" bits. It's SS13 jet fuel. Has an...interesting (and rather memetic) reaction with certain alloys.
King Readsterium 4 Glamore, Stealth, Teleportation and American Freedom. These were the ingredients used to create Senator Death Badman. Difficult Kinda? A compound that attracts the undying attention of Senator Death Badman, know for his random crotch shots. Death Badman acts almost identically to a Gibshark, except he only gibs your pride.
Lumen 5 Think about what makes big lights. Now mix them together. Average A liquid which creates lights attached to whatever it is splashed on. It even changes color depending on what else is in the beaker! No you can't smoke it. The strength of the light scales with the amount of Lumen used.
Liquified Space Rubber 5 Requires some botany work. Contains several other griefy and movement-related chems. Average A powerful chem that makes you bounce off of other mobs when it is in your system. Can easily turn a room into a pinball machine. Combined with other chems like liquid dark matter, this can instantly turn a crowd into pure screaming chaos.
Medusa 6 A variety of rock-related chems are included. Hard Slowly turns the victim into stone. Be sure to artfully arrange your victims. Open a museum, charge admission.
Mutini 5 Every ingredient has its opposite. Keep in mind that and its effect, and most of it should be straight forward. Easy Gets you drunk, gives some brain damage, then cures it. More importantly, mutates you wildly and randomly, then reverses all those mutations - hopefully. Can even give you mutations that are otherwise impossible to get! A cocktail for the aspiring mad scientist. Most of the time it's harmless, but be aware that weird interactions or pure bad luck can potentially leave the imbiber dead or trapped in another dimension. If you find some gamebreaking error or weirdness, don't be afraid to adminhelp it and report on the forums! Bugs are bugs, warning or no.
Nitroglycerin 3 Do some research on real nitroglycerin. Easy Liquid explosive with an incredibly foul temperament. The slightest jostle can set this stuff off, with its power ranging from minor to vicious depending on the reagent volume. Woe betide anyone who gets too much of it in their bloodstream, as any subsequent attack will instantly gib them in a violent blast! Don't try to use it in smoke or foam. Bad things happen.

Note: This is the successor to Nitrogen-Triiodide, which functioned similarly by spreading contact explosive dust all over the floor and could be used in smoke and foam. It turned out to be a bit too abusable though, and was axed and later replaced with nitro.
Omega Hairgrownium 5 / 5 Gives you trippy and irregular haircuts. Easy Changes your hairstyle. Has a stable and unstable variant. One picks from all possible hairstyles, while the other picks from the pool of special genetics/barber haircuts. Pretty straightforward in effect. Don't use both variants together.
Quark-gluon Plasma ?? Ahaha, no. There will be no hints given for this abomination. You're on your own. Very Difficult Gibs any people it touches, destroys most items and critters it touches, deletes walls and floors on contact. Just to prove that there's no such thing as overkill in SS13. QGP is pure liquid destruction: it comes into existence as a massive sea of foam that obliterates anything in its path - people, Pods, critters, floors and walls, you name it.

Note: This is absolutely an antag-only chem in practical use. If you aren't an antag and aren't using QGP as an end-of-round party favor, then it has no place anywhere near the station.
(Madness toxin)
8 Most of the ingredients are bad for your mind. Keep its effects in mind and most of it should be straightforwards. Difficult See Poisons and Toxic Shit. Like initropidril, it can be worth learning how to synthesize rajaijah if you don't trust the RNG of the poison bottle.
Reversium 4 One screws with your sprite, one screws with your DNA, one screws with your sprite and DNA, and friendship? Normal See Miscellanea Highly confusing but ultimately harmless fun that lasts for three minutes. Have some mutadone handy if you want to end it early.
Rotting 4 Think of horrible food and something else unpleasant. Difficult Infects the victim with tissue necrosis. Gradually turns you into a spooky skeleton, which makes you unclonable without a certain cloning module. Good for keeping people you want to keep down, down.
Royal Initrobeedril 5 Again, the hint is in the name. Difficult See Poisons and Toxic Shit. Same mechanics as regular initrobeedril, with the caveat of the heart-bee being so huge that it gibs you upon emerging.
Sarin 8 One is a gift from Hydroponics. The other seven reflect how sarin is deployed in real life. Difficult Nasty poison gas that's highly volatile when created. Due to the fact that it penetrates skin, a gas mask alone is not sufficient to protect against sarin when made into chemsmoke. It features an unholy BRAIN-TOX-BURN triad on top of distinct jittering and stuns. If you ever wanted to commit crimes against Space Humanity like the Nuclear Operatives do when they break out the nerve agent grenades, this is your chem. You can think of it as an souped-up Neurotoxin that depletes more slowly and can penetrate the skin but is majorly weak against atropine.

Oh, and,uh, try not to end up on some watchlist.
Sheltergrog 2-99 The first two ingredients are easy. How to get the reaction to happen is the hard part. Average It makes you a frog. Nice. Lovingly sponsored by Zungy.
Sheltestgrog 2-99 Like sheltergrog, just be more precise. Average It makes you a frog but more. Nice.  :shelterfrog:
Silver fulminate 3 It's just like making silver fulminate in real life. Easy Ridiculously sensitive gimmick chem that makes a gunshot-like pop when it's set off. It's even more sensitive than nitroglycerin; at least nitro doesn't explode under the weight of other nitro molecules. Like spiders, it's not quite a secret chem in of itself, but it uses many of the same precursors to one.
Spiders 2 Spiders have even more arms to hug with. Easy-Peasy See Poisons and Toxic Shit. Not a secret chem itself, but one of its ingredients is.
Strychnine 7 Robert Woodward could've taken some shortcuts. Moderate A rather quite unpleasant, crunchy death. Can be used as a performance enhancer!
Transparium 5 Can you see me? See through me? Easy Makes you pretty much invisible for a duration proportionate to the time it spends in your bloodstream. This has an overdose threshold of 30 units. You might not wanna go over that!
Triple Meth 1 Requires methamphetamine, obviously. The challenge is figuring out what to do with it. Easy Makes you unstunnable, very robust, and very dizzy. Taking this will cause your stamina regeneration to rise to obscene levels. The movement confusion can be limiting, but otherwise there is no better drug for laughing off stuns and stamina loss, and the added movement speed makes you pretty hard to click. Addictive. Has a secret use.
Triplepiss 1 for both methods Short way: Take a piss with something magical in you, take the discharge.

Long way: Take a piss with a different magical thing in you, take in (i.e. drink) the discharge, repeat.
Piss-Hard Acts like standard piss. Harder to figure out than to actually make. An ancient secret from Goonstation's earliest years, whose very existence was kept hidden. Creation methods reference a beautiful joke story Popecrunch used to tell when asked how to make initropidril.
Voltagen (Liquid Electricity) 4 (+ Stabilizer) Think about stuff that could be used to produce power. Average Randomly targets nearby mobs with arc flashes when in the bloodstream (consuming every remaining unit) or instantly if mixed without stabilizing agent. Found in shock grenades and just as useful for crowd control. Arc flashes will stun and damage anyone who aren't wearing insulated gloves, so if you can nab a pair, popping a pill of this can give you a huge advantage when fighting another player.
Warp 5 Things that get you around quickly. Average Once injected, it saves your location. When it's out of your system, you teleport back to the start point. Great insurance policy for running into dangerous areas.

These chemical words are big and hurt my brain.

Welcome to chemistry 101, numbnuts. Here you'll learn how to decipher these magic chemical moon runes so that you too can turn the chemistry department into a flaming inferno because someone stole your seat.

Textbooks and References

Discount Dan's Quik-Tips

  • Don't fucking expect anything. Just because the pharmacopia or an external article on a chemical says to wait for reaction, the game doesn't owe you shit. Continue along as if the chemical did react and if that doesn't work, you're doing it wrong.
  • Don't fucking over-think. Gunpowder isn't a hard recipe. What makes it hard for people is that they read that they need saltpeter (potassium nitrate) and consequently go on an epic quest to find the root of the gunpowder god's power.
  • Don't fucking start with deadly recipes. One of the primary benefits of learning the recipes for healing chemicals first is that when you DO start to learn harmful recipes, you'll be able to heal yourself when you fuck up.
  • Don't fucking randomly insert chemicals. This is the #1 cause of chemistry fires. You know what one of the easiest reactions to create is? The flash. You know what one of the most annoying reactions to create is? The flash. Your best bet to being a successful chemical griefer genius is to learn the NAME of a chemical first and THEN try to reverse engineer its synthesis.
  • Winners don't do drugs! you can find random drug bottles on the station! who knows what magically toxic treasures they contain!?

Chemical Warfare

Syndicate scientists are widely regarded as one of the most, if not THE most, dangerous threats in the game, and chemistry is the main reason for it. Burning the station to a crisp, spraying toxic goo everywhere, lethal injections... this is all just another day in the office for a regular chemist, so I'm sure you can imagine that a traitorous one is infinitely worse as it's a free ticket to do all those nasty things you couldn't do while you were an actual crew member!

Simply put, any and every method of applying chemicals to people is now a weapon. Spray bottles and emagged hyposprays are quick, quiet and painless (for you) chem application tools. Beakers and beaker assemblies make cheap-yet-fantastic gas bombs. The traitor-granted chemistry grenade kit allows you to construct devastating chemical bombs. Flamethrowers are even more horrible; they convert chemicals into a spray that lets all included reagents penetrate skin (up to a little over five injected per shot), ignore biosuits/internals/gas masks and can hit multiple targets at once if aimed carefully, and the flamethrower can activate most heat-reactant chems in the spray by turning its igniter on.

Of course, you're far from invincible, so stocking up on beneficial chems to use for yourself is highly recommended - throwing poison and fire all over the place will have an angry mob out for your blood rather quickly, you know! Once you learn how to jump over this hurdle, the only limit to the destruction you can cause (other than BYOND, of course) is your imagination.

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