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This category includes all pages which comprise the community policies.

This is an overall initiative that is currently in process!

CURRENT STEP: Sensible, fair handling of interpersonal disputes that cannot be or are not being resolved between the parties to the dispute.


  • General administration structure and division of defined tasks into subgroups
    • Ensuring transparency is maintained for when tasks are handled by subgroups within the administration
  • Player discipline guidelines
    • SOLELY for the purpose of giving a suggested course of action when an admin encounters an actionable player issue they have no idea where to even start with, and suggests what factors to take into account and a suggested baseline action. In no case will an admin be challenged if their action differs from the guideline. It's a 'here is a suggestion if you don't know where to start', not a 'your action must be this or close to this'.
  • Coder guidelines
  • Staffing policy (how admins / coders / etc are 'hired', 'fired', have their rank increased or decreased, etc)
  • Probably a million other things I forgot, we're seriously starting from the ground up.
    • like for instance a process to define how we change policies that are finished

Applied by usage of the {{Policies}} navigational template.

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