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The 'bad guy' for a given round. They are exempt from the rules about griefing and murdering and come with a set of special objectives. Most are purely optional and really more of a suggestion, with exception of the ones for Nuclear Operative (which shows them where they must plant their bomb to win) and Revolutionary (which shows the Heads of Staff they must kill to win).

Current Antagonists

Name Has Its Own Game Mode? Can Appear at Round Start? Can Be Late-Join Antag? Can Be Random Event Antag? Can Spawn in Mixed (Action) at Round Start? Can Spawn in Mixed (Mild) at Round Start? Other Spawn Conditions?
Nuclear Operative
Spy Thief
Gimmick antag roles

Antagonists can also recruit lackeys in the form of mindslaves and Syndicate cyborgs, or subvert the AI and its regular Cyborgs. Vampires may also convert the dead into ghouls/zombies. Changelings can turn their own body parts in eyespider, handspider, and legworm minions. Emagged cyborgs are renegades bound to no one!

Roundstart Antagonist Selection

Player selection for antagonist is random but weighted; it is based on how many previous plays as that antag type a player has had before. The more times someone's been selected as a certain type before, the less likely they will be selected for that type in a later round. However, there still remains a low chance to ignore weighting for an antag pick and just select any old schmuck.

Antagonist selection happens before job selection. Thus, as a certain Tip of the Round will tell you, it is entirely possible to end up the round antagonist even if you have Security Officer or Head of Security on Favorite, in which case the game picks a job based on your preferences for other station jobs and available job slots.

Latejoin Antagonist Selection

Players can also be selected for antagonist when they join after the round has started. Instead of a weighted odds system, each latejoining player has a simple random chance of being selected for antagonist. If all the antagonists are dead, the more likely they are to selected. The process ignores preferences, and being selected does not count in weighting for roundstart selection. Players who join as Head of Security, Security Officer, or Vice Officer cannot spawn as latejoin antagonists.

Random Event Antagonist Selection

See Random Events.

Antag Tokens

Antag tokens are basically vouchers for a chance to play as the round's antagonist. They're not in-game items in the way Discount Dan's tickets are vouchers; rather, they're purely out-of-game, and, more importantly, "bestowed" by an Admin. The "bestowed" part is in quotes, because there are five reasons why an Admin will give you antag tokens:

  1. You did something Exceptionally Interesting or otherwise Highly Pleasing to an Admin.
  2. The server crashed during your antagonist round.
  3. A game-breaking bug ruined your antagonist round (e.g. not being able to exit a help/tutorial mode).
  4. Your antagonist round was ruined/significantly impaired by Admin fuckery (often goes in hand with both of the above).
  5. The antag token previously given for one of the above four reasons did not actually give you the antag's associated abilities or uplink (happens more often than you think).

You get a prompt/choice to redeem these when you join the server and press the Declare Ready button when the round's in setup. Antag tokens ignore antag preferences, so you can't become a Wraith by configuring your preferences to only accept being a Wraith and then using a token. As the prompt says, if using that token would make you into an Antagonist that isn't supported by the round type, you'll get the token back.

Tokens are infamously known to be mysteriously buggy. For example, if your token makes you a Traitor, it's possible for you to get the prompt and status but not the uplink. In especially worst cases (of which there are many), the magical Admin buttons for handling antag status freeze up or otherwise fail to remedy the situation. If something like this happens to you, absolutely adminhelp it, via the adminhelp command or the F1 button.